Who Will Win Delhi Election 2021 Astrology

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Who will win delhi election 2021 astrology today

Who will win the presidential elections 2020 in the USA? Trump vs. Biden

Know What Delhi Assembly Election Is Fated To Turn Out In 2020. Astrological Analysis of Delhi Assembly Election 2020. We PavitraJyotish trying to get through Astrological Analysis of Delhi Assembly Election 2020. There is a big election contest of three parties in Delhi – BJP, AAP, and INC (Bhartiya Janta Party, Aam Aadmi Party, and Indian National Congress). Yes, Kejriwal CM again. Election of Delhi has been declared today. Election will be on 8 February and result will be 11 February 2020. Let us focus on the birth chart of Shri Arvind Kejriwal who is CM of Delhi from AAP now.

Mr. Donald Trump Will, he continues as President of U.S.A.?

Astrological Analysis

The elections for the office of President of the United States of America are scheduled to be held in November 2020.

Mr. Donald Trump, who at present is the President is trying his luck again to continue as President of the U.S.A. for the next four years also. Mr. Joe Biden is set to contest the said election against him. The hard question before the astrological Pandits of the world today is as to who of them is going to win the election of President of the United States of America. In an attempt to astrologically find the approximately correct answer to this vexed question, one is required to deeply study the birth charts as well as Varshphal charts of both these contesting candidates. First look at the birth horoscope of Mr. Donald Trump. He was born on June 14, 1946, at Queen, New York, with a balance of 2 years 5 months 9 days of Mercury Dasa at birth.

The hard situation that Mr. Trump is now facing is clearly shown in his Jupiter Dasa Saturn Bhukti (January 2019 to July 2021). Saturn is the Lord of the 7th house. Jupiter is in an inimical sign and is under the adverse aspect of the 6th and 7th Lord malefic Saturn from the 12th house of losses. Jupiter is debilitated in Dasmsa and is in a bad exchange with Saturn. Since Jupiter is the 6th Lord is likely to generate controversies. Trump’s 10th Lord Venus is the 12th house and in conjunction with the 6th and 7th Lord Saturn, which is most likely to damage his reputation.
Thus, Trump’s present Jupiter Dasa Saturn Bhukti is absolutely not favourable to him. Now, this sub-period of Saturn, who is in the 12th house indicates a loss in the election. Saturn is conjoined with 6th Lord Venus. Saturn is a functional malefic being the 6th and 7th Lord. This all shows a heavy loss. Victory in the election is not indicated for Mr. Trump.
If the annual horoscope of Mr. Trump is looked into, it shows that the 10th Lord here is Mars who is in the 8th house of humiliation. The overall effect of his annual chart also does not show any sign of victory for Mr. Trump in the elections.
On the other hand, the birth chart of Joe Biden’s democratic candidate shows that he was born on November 20, 19 at Seranton, Pennsylvania with a balance of 2 years, 10 months, and one day of Ketu Dasa at birth. Biden will be in Jupiter Dasa Rahu Bhukti from May 2020. Rahu is in the 10th house of Power and his disposition Sun is in good yoga. In Navamsa, Rahu is in the 9th house in a good Raj yoga. In Dasmsa, Rahu is in the ascendant and his dispositer Venus is in the 11th house of gains with 11th lord Sun.
So during Jupiter-Rahu-Jupiter from September 2020 to January 2021, Joe Biden can be expected to be the winner in the Presidential elections of the U.S.A. If one looks at his annual chart, the 10th house from the natal ascendant Leo is rising in his annual horoscope which is very auspicious for Mr. Biden. The 5th Lord Jupiter is aspecting the annual ascendant Leo from his own sign. Thus, astrologically, it will be not a surprise if Mr. Joe Biden wins and Mr. Donald Trump loses the presidential elections of the U.S.A.

With elections in Tamil Nadu looming over our head, it is natural that we would want to know who would become the next CM of the state. With Vedic astrology analysis, we bring to you the predictions of the fate of the main contestants of elections in Tamil Nadu, 2021.

Who will win delhi election 2021 astrology date

The 2021 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly elections are scheduled to be held in single phase on 6thApril, 2021 for 234 seats of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. The election will be held on 6 April 2021 and results will be declared on 2 May, 2021. This will be the first full state legislative election without J. Jayalalitha and M. Karunanidhi.

It is concluded from various sources that the Tamil Nadu elections will be maneuvered mainly in between two archrivals, DMK and the AIADMK. All the 38 districts in Tamil Nadu, comprising 234 assembly constituencies, will begin polls on April 6th. The BJP and AIADMK will be contesting 2021 Tamil Nadu elections as alliance allies. Meanwhile, the DMK has formed a coalition with the Congress and the Left parties. Counting of votes will take place on May 02. Here we will consider certain astrological facts about each candidate and his concerned party to bring out our tentative winner candidate, astrologically.

Astrological Analysis of Edappadi K. Palaniswami and MK Stalin

Edappadi K. Eastern western astrology compatibility. Palaniswami and MK Stalin are the two contenders for the top post in Tamil Nadu. Let us analyze the Birth Chart of these two strong competitors to determine how they will fare in the ongoing Tamil Nadu Elections, and who will become the next CM of Tamil Nadu.

  1. AIADMK- Edappadi K. Palaniswami is the face of AIADMK in alliance with B.J.P who is participating in the Tamil Nadu elections, 2021.
    (The Birth information has been derived from public sources)

Name – Edappadi K. Palaniswami

Date of Birth – 20TH MARCH 1954



Longitude -78 E10’ LATITUDE- 11N 29’

Edappadi K. Palaniswami’s planetary configuration indicates that his moon sign is Virgo and his Ascendant is Gemini. Jupiter is the 10th house lord placed in the 12thhouse [welfare scheme] with the placement of Sun and Venus in the 10th house [political power]. Sun being the lord of the 3rd house of efforts and Venus being the lord of the 5th house of ministership, indicates that he will work with sincerity and have the ability to take quick decision which is beneficial for his political career.

The 9th house [fortune] lord Saturn is in the 5th house of ministership and is strong and beneficial. The ascendant lord Mercury is posited in the 9th housed of luck but it is under the aspect of Mars, which is placed in Scorpio sign in the 6th house of health and debt or struggle. It revealed his strength in the year 2017 after the death of Jayalalitha. There was turbulence within the party, so he took the reins of his organization and consolidated it back to its strength with his efficiency and skill. This indicates that the 3rd house lord of efforts in the 10th house of power, makes the individual courageous.

The mutual exchange of 12th house [welfare schemes] lord Jupiter and 5th house lord Venus, will give him success in implementing welfare schemes for general people which will enhance his public image as Jupiter is also the 7th house lord of public image.

In Navamsha, the placement of Jupiter with Sun in Leo sign in the 9th house is making a good Raj Yoga. But, the main period of Mercury which has started, is not making any good yoga but is placed strongly in the 9th house [fortune].

So as per Vedic astrology the planet [Mercury] cannot give its full auspicious or inauspicious results during its main or sub-period from 2021-2023. So, he is expected to get moderate success in these elections.

The transit of Sun in its exalted sign Aries in the 11th house of gains along with Venus lord of the 5th house of ministership is clearly visible. But, the transit of main period lord Mercury in the 12th house is expected to bring moderate success despite his decent performance during his current period.

Who Will Win Delhi Election 2021 Astrology Today

  1. DMK-MK STALIN is the face of DMK in alliance with CONGRESS who is participating in the Tamil Nadu elections of 2021.

(The Birth information has been derived from public sources)

Name – MK Stalin

Date of Birth – 1st MARCH 1953.



Who Will Win Delhi Election 2021 Astrology Date



An Astrological Analysis

MK Stalin’s planetary configuration indicates that his moon sign is Leo and Ascendant is Scorpio. Sun is the lord of the 10th house [political power] and is placed in the 4th house of stability, which indicates he owns good Raj Yoga with mutual opposition with 9th house lord [luck and fortune]. Moon tells us about his political legacy that he inherited from his father, Late Mr.M.Karunanidhi (who became the chief minister of the state 6 times which is a very good political achievement).

The 11thhouse [Gains] lord Mercury is in conjunction with 6th house lord Mars and it shows that he may have contradictory relations with his close family that should be avoided.

According to Vedic astrology for Scorpio Ascendant, Sun and Moon form a good Raj Yoga and Sun as the 10th house lord is forming strong Raj Yoga with mutual aspect with the 9th house lord Moon. The 9th house lord Moon in the 10th house [power] is getting the beneficial aspect of 5th house [ministership] lord Jupiter, which makes another good Raj Yoga.

He is under the main period of Saturn and Sub period of Moon from the year 2020 until December 2021. Saturn is exalted in his birth chart, which is in mutual aspect with the two benefic planets Venus and Jupiter. The sub-period lord Moon is in the Pisces sign [Jupiter] in the Navamsha chart.

Delhi Election Results

During the main period of Saturn and sub-period of Moon with Sub-sub period of Mercury from April 2021 to July 2021, is placed in the house of gains. The main period lord Saturn along with Sub period lord Moon and Mercury are very well placed in the Dashamsha chart where Saturn along with Jupiter is in mutual aspect with Moon placed in the 9th house of fortune, which gives strength to his political position. The sub-sub period lord Mercury is the lord of ascendant and 10th house of power is placed in the 4th house of stability indicates he has very strong chances of becoming the next chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

Who Will Win Delhi Election 2021 Astrology Predictions