Why Astrology Is Important

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We all have some sorts of fears in our minds. We Fear of being unsuccessful, fear of meeting misfortunes, fear of losing our close ones and to name a few. the fear of the unknown causes a huge hinderance to our progress and spiritual growth. The Vedas, upnishads and holy scriptures teach us “Not to Fear” if we wish to attain moksha. The Karma Theory says that fruits of the past life have to be enjoyed or suffered.
It is also true that we all have an precise Karmic pattern for our lives. We are all carrying a mission and are born with a specific purpose in life. Let us discover and unveil the purpose of life and the questions you may have – who am I, what was I born for, what is life really about and let us not give up till the reason of our life is explored completely.
We are all born with this huge canvas called life where our actions and karmas are paints and Paintbrushes. Let us choose what masterpiece we want to paint in this Birth and create a colourful and meaningful journey together.

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We are born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. Lets us celebrate this exciting spiritual festival with the help of Astrology.


Why Does Astrology Work

To me Astrology is important because:- It gives us an objective overview of our life which is different to what is normally accepted in society. It has a personal spiritual development basis, which shows that we, as individuals, have a higher purpose in life - and what it is. It helps make sense of Reincarnation.

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Why Is Western Astrology Important

  1. Astrology is a well known and respected culture of many Indians. It is believed that astrology defines the life of a person. When a child is born, he or she needs to have a horoscope made with all the basic premises of his or her life.
  2. Not everything needs to be scientific to be of use and Astrology IS useful. So if people want to diss it as people are want to do just let them this doesn't have to affect your enjoyment unless you let it.