Why Astrology Is Wrong

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I prefer my astrology reductive. I’m trying to get into horoscopes so I have something to read on my commute. That’s my other issue with astrology. The grand dame of astrology, Susan Miller of astrologyzone.com, is always wrong about me. Relies on evidence? In the few cases where astrology has been used to generate testable expectations and the results were examined in a careful study, the evidence did not support the validity of astrological ideas. 2 This experience is common in science — scientists often test ideas that turn out to be wrong. Many branches of science came from astrology. So to say astrology is fake is the same as saying all branches of science is fake which obviously is not. Many well educated people follow astrology as.

Human beings have curious minds and while our curiosity has given us many mathematical proves and scientific inventions, it has also given us astrology. Will i get government job astrology. Astrology has been with us since ancient times, but now it is time to question why we need it and why we still believe in it?
Many of us still see our horoscope prediction the second we glance at our newspapers. Many of us still match partners by our star signs. Many of us still live as if the heavenly bodies in outer space dictate our lives. But have we ever wondered if this is all worth it or what’s the use of it at all? To clarify these questions there are fifteen reasons why you should shun astrology for good.

Why Astrology Is Wrong

15. Vague and complicated

According to Wikipedia, astrology is the study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets have a supposed influence on events and on the lives and behavior of people. This statement may sound simple but it is very difficult to actually understand astrology. Apparently there are many types of astrologies. There are Chinese, Burmese, Tibetan, Electional, Horay, horoscopic, Western and many other astrology . In India alone there are seven different types of astrology. If you follow the horoscopes, you can still be wrong because there are two types of star sign of a person, that is the moon and sun star sign. The place you are in also depends on your position with your stars which can also alter your predictions. The process of astrology, its understanding and basics are beyond the capability of common man. So why tend to follow things that you cannot get?

14. Con man

Most astrologers are con man, trying to sell nonsense predictions in exchange of money. The fact that common people do not understand astrology is misused by many fake astrologers to make ill-gotten money.

13. Categorizes people

Astrology tells us that we are all affected by the 12 signs of the zodiac, as the Sun and other planets cycle through the horoscope over the course of a year. This zodiac sign depends on a person’s birth date and it tells characteristics traits about one’s personality. So if you and your friend are born in the same month, your character qualities will be similar. But this is hardly believable because we all have unique personalities and different characteristics, so to categorize each and everyone according to their zodiac sign is purely absurd and impractical.

12. Stereotypical


“Oh, she is a Scorpio, she should be secretive.”
“You are just being skeptical”
“That’s because I am a Sagittarius”
Categorizing people according to their signs leads to stereotype that is solely based on a person’s star position. People tend to judge others and their actions through their zodiac signs. They tend to believe that a person’s character cannot exceed beyond their sign’s description. In India marriages are still fixed through kundli of a boy or girl rather than their nature and compatibility. They see the kundli first and then they meet the particular girl or boy. So isn’t it a idea that we have culminated in our brain without knowing its truth? This astrological beliefs tend to rule our life and dominate our nature by making us so prone to them that we cannot see what is in front of our eyes but tend do believe the oh so true stars and planets.

11. No fruitful results

The predictions of astrology are not always true. There is no guarantee that the predictions will come true. There is no cashback in case it fails. The astrologers can never lose in this game because they never take the blame.

10. Excuses

If the astrology is incorrect, they simply put excuses instead of accepting their failure. They tell you that the timing was bad , that you followed the wrong path or you misinterpreted the information. They will give you millions of excuses, but they will never admit their mistake nor they will pay your money back.

Reasons why astrology is wrong

9. Dependency

Astrology is like an addiction. Once you start believing in it, you will find yourself dependent on it. You will not start any important work without looking at your horoscopes and you will blame them every time something does not work. People who vehemently believe in astrology, always find themselves going back to the same astrologer or going to different astrologers only to see what they are going to say. Consequently, they become so much obsessed with these predictions that they cannot take any single decision without consulting an astrologer.

8. Country data

Why Astrology Is Wrong

Astrology claims that the movement of stars and planets affect the working of countries. They not only predict the future of individuals, but also the country as a whole. If that is so, then why not all presidents study astrology instead of science and civics? Why have they not predicted the 9/11 or the demonetization of notes in India?

7. Different opinions

Your star sign is same, so is your position, but you will get two different views if you go to two different astrologers. Astrology is a study where the result depends only on the astrologers. If you go to different astrologers, you will get different results. There is no consistency in astrology and the more you will ask, the more confusing it will become.

6. Childish predictions

“Your life is surrounded by hardships”
Well, that is why the person has come to the astrologer and whose life is not surrounded by hardships?
This are the type of answers, you will receive if you question the astrologers. They will tell you the things that you already know or any other person can tell. Think about it for a second, people fall for astrology because they believe that their predictions rightly reflect their personalities. But that is not true because they are mainstream and prevalent in almost everyone’s life. We fall for this because of the Barnum effect which is a common psychological phenomenon whereby individuals will give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically to them but that are, in fact, vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people. Astrologers just fool people by using big fake words sugarcoated with their ability to charm people.

5. Giving more importance to predictions

If you are relying on astrology so much, what does it mean? It means that you believe your stars more then you believe in your strength. We cannot blame our mistakes to the position of our stars nor can we give credit to them every time we achieve something. We are the writer of our own story and our fate lies in the strength of our palms not in the lines of our palm. Giving too much importance to predictions loses our self-esteem and ability. We become dependent and weak.

4. You can’t learn if you already know it


Suppose all the predictions are true, then what? What will you gain by knowing what is about to happen to you? Nothing. If only it will make life boring. The point of living is to learn through our mistakes and grow from it. But, if you already know all your mistakes, there will be no learning. What would you learn if you already had all the answers? Probably nothing. And pretend for a minute that your future could accurately be predicted. Would you really want to know?

3. Money

Astrology is an easy business. Common man don’t know much about astrology, so one has to read just a few books and learn some complicated words, that is also not necessary if one knows about general human problems or is good at reading people. Anyone can become an astrologer. There is no qualifications required, just sit, make assumptions and earn money all day because astrologers are really expensive. They charge high prices for talking shit.

Why Western Astrology Is Wrong

2. Pseudoscience

Astrology is a superstition that has no scientific basis.There is no material connection between the celestial objects and the fate and personality of people. People believe in astrology because of their need for comfort. It is not testable, it does not provide any facts and evidences and moreover, it is not always true.

1. Mind Game

Why Astrology Is Wrong Is It

The most important reason why you should not believe in astrology, is because it plays with your mind. If you read your horoscope in the newspaper and it says that your endeavor will not be completed, then this piece of information will revolve in your brain all long and you will not be able to complete your work. Astrology is not healthy for your brain and thus it should not be taken seriously.

Astrology should be played as a fun game like Ludo and not as a life altering one like Jumanji. Better yet, if we don’t play this game at all because the ending point should be surprising not predictable.