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Yesterday I made a horary chart (that’s predictive astrology) for the question “Will Brexit happen?”, asked me by a Brexiteer. So what did I find?

Oct 22, 2019 BREXIT Astrology – Will it happen? Posted on October 22, 2019 by big boy Yesterday I made a horary chart (that’s predictive astrology) for the question “Will Brexit happen?”, asked me by a Brexiteer. With all this talk of the Brexit, terrorism, and the Mars-Saturn conjunction, that's what I'm planning during the month of July. Besides, there is a nice astrological influence coming up in July. Venus will transit the sign of Cancer from July 7th to July 31st. Venus is the planet that rules Jala Tattva (the water element) in Vedic astrology.

It seems not. Here’s my reasoning (derived from John Frawley’s excellent Horary Textbook):


Will Brexit Happen Astrology Today

  1. Brexiteers: Lord of the 1st House (Saturn)
  2. The enemies of Brexit: Lord of the 7th House (Sun)
  3. Boris Johnson (PM): Lord of the 10th House (Venus)
  4. The Electorate (Moon)

Brexiteers and the electorate are making a strong effort (Saturn and Moon in Rulership) but powerless to affect the outcome (…in the 12th and 6th Houses). The enemies of Brexit are weaker, collectively (Sun in Fall), but they’ve got power to act (…conjunct Midheaven). Have they rigged the game? It seems so. We also see that Johnson (Venus) is in a weaker state (Venus in Scorpio is in Detriment, which is worse than Fall) and less able to act (further from the Midheaven) than the enemies of Brexit. Lastly, “some important declaration will be made imminently (as the Moon is ~1/5th of a degree from an exact trine to Mercury, Planet of communications), I could only expect in the next day or two.”

This morning I woke to the following story: British government reveals plan to rush Brexit laws through by Halloween

Mercury and the Moon are also the fastest planets in the sky. The development came fast and it concerns doing things fast. Will it work for Brexit? Again, all indications are no, and by looking at Boris’ chart we can get an idea why:

Jupiter opposite Neptune – Johnson is a fantasist. He believes he’s stronger than he is, feels he’s taking a firm stance and winning (Jupiter in Taurus) – actually his position is quite insubstantial. His habit when pressed is to rush ahead and outmaneuver his opponents (Mars in Gemini), but here it seems to be for naught – he is not in control of the field. It may be that the game is rigged and he’s been allowed to get far as he has to produce the impression of a fair fight.

So will it happen as I say it will? I’m new to horary. The worst case scenario is I embarrass myself and am forced to improve, which is not a bad outcome at all. God bless.

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Brexit, the British exit from the European Union, is the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU). This Brexit astrology interpretation takes a brief look at the Brexit horoscope show why it is has been so difficult to reach agreement, and why it is causing so much hostility.

Brexit Astrology

The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019 at 11 p.m. UK time. [1] The most striking feature of the Brexit horoscope below is Mars setting. Right away it is plain to see why Brexit is causing so much anger between politicians and in the UK generally. Just this weekend, in “the biggest demonstration of its kind”, over half a million Britons filled the center of London to demand another referendum on Brexit. [2]

Mars opposite Ascendant explains why people get so passionate but also angry about Brexit. It makes people feel threatened by others and causes them to react aggressively. It makes it obvious who your real enemies are. If you need to get something important done you will have to fight hard for it. It especially causes problems with men and dominant women.

In mundane astrology, Mars rules riots and protests. It “either drives a nation together or drives it apart from internal/external aggression.” [3] The Descendant rules international relations with other countries, treaties and alliances like the European Union and Brexit itself. The Descendant also rules open enemies.

So Mars setting in the Brexit horoscope is causing conflict in the one to one relationships within the Tory Party. An example of this is Boris Johnson resigning as foreign secretary in protest over Theresa May’s soft Brexit plans. It is causing conflict between the Tory Party and Labor Party. And Mars conjunct Descendant is also causing hostility between EU and UK negotiators involved in the formal Brexit discussions. It will keep causing hostility right up to 11 p.m. on 29 March 2019.

Will brexit happen astrology todayAstrology

Vedic astrology telugu books. Brexit Astrology Chart

Will Brexit Really Happen

Brexit Horoscope Fixed Stars

Descendant conjunct fixed star Algol at 26 ♉ 25 indicates aggression and violence.

Mars conjunct fixed star Alcyone at 00 ♊ 15 causes high passion and ruthlessness. The full moon on Friday November 23, 2018 at 00 ♊ 52 activates Mars setting in the Brexit horoscope. So expect an escalation in aggression and no doubt some critical develops.

Will Brexit Happen Astrology Today