Will I Get Government Job Astrology

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You may not know enough astrology to figure these things out, but in time, you will. Taking notes on each eclipse is a good way to get acquainted with the movements of eclipses. You don’t have to know astrology to know this. Just read for your rising sign and your Sun (birthday) sign, and I will take care of the rest for you. A well placed Sun and Moon boost the chances of getting a Government job by astrology. A strong 10th house and 10th Lord associated with Sun also helps you in getting Government Jobs. The association of Sun with the 6th and 11th house or its Lords will boost the chances to get a government jobs.

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    • My Sanjeev Tiwari my birth details are Dob-12/07/1889, time- 8:00 am Place – Bazpur
      Sir ji plz tell me when I will get a government job….

    • You are asking a leading question. Are you sure that you will get a govt. job. I doubt whether you will get one by going through your horoscope. What is your education background and expertise. You can read my blog navagrahastro.blogspot.in for better evaluation methods.

    • A job in Astrology need not be a paid job. We are all living in Karmakanda and necessarily we have to do a job whenever we are awake. Astrology cannot much help you in finding out when you will get a paid job. In fact all the jobs you do have a monetary value attached to it in that if you do not do that job, someone else will have to do it and you will have to pay for it. It is very difficult to time the getting of a paid job using your birth chart. Your girl friend is doing a job even when she is cooking food in the kitchen. There is monetary value associated with her job for you would have to pay for it if someone else have to be employed for cooking. Is it not?

    • This question to be frank with you cannot be answered using astrology since there are no such axioms available to find whether one will get a govt. job. The nearest one could say if Sun is strong enough in one’s horoscope is that there is a likely hood of working under the King. Her Sun is only of mediocre strength.

      Will i ever be rich astrology. Possible Aishwarya Rai birth charts. According to Astro.com, Aishwarya could have been born between 10 am and 12 pm, making her ascendant Sagittarius. (Watch Aishwarya Rai's astrology video here.) I think she should have been born between 9.35 and 10 am.

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Can i get govt job astrology

Will I Get Government Job Astrology Sign

  • Horoscope Today, April 9: Leo people might get government job, know about other zodiac signs Astrological predictions are basically readings of the planets in your respective sun sign that tells.
  • Read: When Will Get Success in Job from Astrology. Amatyakaraka Planet is all about Karma or Action. Amatya is one who is Very close to the King and whose advice king seeks. Thus the Relationship between AK and AmK has been considered the Raj yoga of First Order. If it is strong and in good dignity, it can execute the order of the Atma or soul.

Can I Get Govt Job Astrology

When the Sun and Mars are together in the 10th House, it can predict a government job later in life or somewhere in the future; Government Job Astrology. People interested in knowing more details specific to individual cases can refer to career astrologers near.

Will I Get Government Job Astrology
    • date & year 13 march 1996

      time 15 :30 pm ( 3 :30 pm )

      place Vijayawada

      When will I get good government Job and my peak period to earn wealth ?

    • When you work for ₹100, you will have a near return of ₹96. So do not expect to be very rich in life. You will be able to live comfortably well.

    • Sun is not well placed in your horoscope and is in the sixth house and it is unlikely that you will get a raw Govt. job. Yes you could be in Public Sector undertakings. You will be fairly rich in your life with no shortage of money.