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While some are quick to dismiss astrology as hokum, there may be something to astrologer Betty McKeon’s findings in Donald Trump’s star chart. The Trump administration thus far has felt like.

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The astrology for Donald Trump for the balance of 2020 is not looking particularly great, which begs the question if Trump chances for re-election can be predicted or not.

Which career to choose astrology. With all the electoral chicanery in the US in the last few decades, it makes it much harder to evenly predict the winner of a US presidential election. From the problematical voting machines, to district gerrymandering, to reducing the number of locations to vote, to disavowing hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of votes cast by mail or the votes of minorities, to now the coronavirus complicating the process, anything objectively clear for an outcome is in doubt. Polls, as well as the media spin, become irrelevant; I think Donald Trump as about as much a chance at getting re-elected as does Joe Biden.

I’m just an amateur in astrology, and I don’t necessarily believe it’s true; people have a powerful ability to self-delude. However, I found something interesting, so here goes: First, astrology doesn’t claim to be able to tell us who will be elec. The current US presidential election date Tuesday Nov 3, 2020 does not look great for President Trump based on Vedic Astrology. President Trump can change the election date to Tuesday Dec 15, 2020 or later for higher chances of winning. Even if the election results get delayed for few weeks that is beyond Dec 15, 2020, President Trump will win the 2020 US Presidential Election. A blind psychic, who is world-renowned for her surprising success rate, is speaking from beyond the grave after dying in 1996. Predicting things like 9/11 and Barack Obama’s presidency years before they took place, she now has a warning about Donald Trump – and it’s downright chilling. The predictions of Baba Vanga continue to come true. Apr 18, 2019 Some astrologers, however, have rushed to see Trump removed from office.) If you just assume President Trump won’t be re-elected on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 in the 59th four-yearly elections, read this from the Forbes website.

For instance,at this time last election Hilary Clinton was about as far ahead of Trump as Biden is now, yet she lost. According to Greg Palast, an investigative reporter who looked into US elections, the system is favored to elect conservative or Republican candidates; i.e. the votes of minorities, those who would be less apt to vote for Republicans, are discounted at the rate of nine times those of white-cast ballots.

If anything IS obvious it is that the system itself is corrupt. Nevertheless the public perception propagating through all the mainstream outlets is that Biden is ahead in almost all groups and that Trump will go down to a resounding defeat. All I can say is that we’ll know when we know, either the next morning or however far they can dispute and contest it out to.

But, let me look at the astrology, specifically using Vedic astrology and then some Western astrology techniques.

Trump Vedic Dasas for Re-Election

Chara Dasa

Using the powerful Vedic astrology dasa system, specifically the Chara Dasa, since February 2020 Trump is currently in a Scorpio sub-dasa.

The Chara dasa system effectively spins the chart, moving the ascendant from sign to sign according to its precisely calculated timeline.

So, if Scorpio becomes Trump’s new ascendant, this puts a debilitated Moon in his first house, Mars in the tenth house, and the Sun and Mercury in his eighth house.

What does this mean?

Personally, Trump will not be in a happy or favorable place emotionally, physically or otherwise (debilitated Moon in the first house). There will be strife regarding his reputation and effectiveness (Mars in the tenth house), and the Sun and Mercury in the eight house, representing his basic self and state of mind, is in a tumultuous and extreme state. It’s not a particularly good place to be and he could be on the defensive this whole time, not to mention a little crabby.

Then in October 2020, during the crunch time of the election, his Chara dasa switches to Libra, which puts a debilitated Saturn (conjunct Venus) in his tenth house, and his debilitated Jupiter in the twelfth house. Meaning that there could be some significant setbacks (debilitated Saturn in the tenth house) and there could be some serious self-sabotage going on (debilitated Jupiter in the twelfth house). His popularity and relationships could be significantly at issue (Venus conjunct Saturn in the tenth house).

Vimshottari Dasa Trump’s Re-Election

If I look at the popular (as well as very powerful) Vimshottari dasas for Trump, in late October he will move into a Jupiter-Mercury-Mars situation. Meaning that he could become quite contentious, acting from a point of inflated self-importance and rule-bending. Many people fear that Trump will not go quietly from the White House, or go willingly at all, using every possible legalism to prolong the situation; and that could be a possible outcome with this astrology.

This election, like a lot of things in 2020, is just messed up, and Donald Trump with his proclivity for sensationalism, discord and duplicity, seems to fall right the middle of it.

I know the Trump fans will have a more optimistic and more flattering opinion of the situations I’ve described above; but I, like anyone, can only make guesses at this point.

Both Biden and Trump in my mind are tools for monied interests, the differences being mostly for theater; although I have to say that in this age of dark money influencing policy, Donald Trump seems to be the crony of some particularly fanatical right-wing billionaires.

Western Astrology of Trump’s Re-Election

Returning to Trump’s astrology, now the Western variety:

Trump’s 2020 Solar Return

Trump’s 2020 solar return chart, using the natal location, has a powerful conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the seventh house; there is a lot going on with his relationships. Melania Trump may be making some power-moves of her own.

This chart also has a tight conjunction of Mars and Neptune in the eighth house, indicating some potential major issues stemming from jointly held resources (such as with is wife), some mischief regarding his finances, and just strange psychological pathology emerging, which could be very detrimental to his standing. The Sun in the twelfth house does not help for things going his way either, being subject to secretive or covert individuals or groups in this life, and then just Trump being his own worst enemy.

Will trump be reelected astrology today

Further, the solar return Mars-Neptune conjunction neatly bi-sects Trump’s natal Sun-Moon-Nodes opposition (Trump was born on an eclipse of the Moon), and the triple conjunction in Capricorn tightly aspect Trump’s natal Venus-Saturn conjunction, maybe the most problematical area of his chart, which will reinforce issues to be explained below.

The upside here is that Trump has the opportunity to eat some humble pie, get some reckoning with his spouse, and may be admit that he’s just human and subject to the inevitable ravages of bad lifestyle choices and just age in general. Somehow a humbler POTUS is a better, more sensitive POTUS.

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Right. Trump’s super-enabled ego, supported by all the yes-people he can hire have not helped him here. He may be in for a fall.

Trump Transits and Progressions for 2020

Continuing, in late September, early October 2020, tertiary progressed Jupiter and ascendant make hard aspect to his Saturn. This astrology indicates some sort of curtailment or thwarted success in life, typically by a “coming to reality” situation. One either reassesses things at this point and adjusts, or they throw in the towel. Graphics are shown at the end of this article.

Will President Trump Be Reelected

In mid-October, solar arc directed Mars makes hard aspect to his natal Mars. Here is where conflicts, misfortune and/or accidents or injuries come into play. Pettiness and immaturity can result.

During October also the Nodes aspect Trump’s Sun and Moon, and Saturn makes exact opposition to his Venus. This seems like a singularly important time for Trump and his relationships and charisma are certain to be tested here.

In late November 2020, already after the election, secondary progressed Mars aspects natal Mars, similar to mid-October above. If there were to be a “contested” results situation, this would certainly corroborate it.

Moving into 2021, Saturn and Pluto start to make long-term aspects on his Pluto, Venus and Saturn. With Venus ruling his tenth house, and Saturn his sixth and seventh houses, Trump’s reputation, marriage and health seem to be at risk. He might be able to turn it around to his advantage, but not without significant cost or effort.

He will either be President, or just another billionaire (allegedly so) sitting in his penthouse in the sky. But, by then he may be dealing with all sort of legal challenges, which have been put on hold since he became President. So, he may not be riding off into the sunset.


Will trump be reelected predictions

If you listen to the mainstream media, you would think that Biden will win, even if just solely because he’s “not Trump”. It is a very complicated and corrupt electoral system in the US and it would seem that whoever wins is because the system chooses so, that system not being the electorate itself.

Having said that, Trump’s astrology is not “good” as it will be “rough” for him, he may be in for a fight, and as he does he may be overshadowed by cloud of bad reputation, which me may be enlivened by for the fight.

Immediately after the election (all of 2021) he will be in the midst of the “worst” of his present astrology, complements chiefly of transiting Pluto opposing his natal Venus and Saturn. Forces may be out to get him, or the karmic skeletons in his closet may bring about a self-undoing of one sort or another.

There could be a significant toll on his body, mind, and personal assets in the process; almost like “dying to save oneself”, and this whole process that I’m speaking about may take a few years to play itself out.

Who will win the election? My answer is not Biden or Trump, but to the corporations and so-called “dark” financial backers who fund equally both parties in the US system, and who always seem to benefit the most from the government policies that their candidates make.

Click to enlarge all charts below.

Tertiary progressed Jupiter and Ascendant making hard aspect to Trump’s natal Saturn.

Solar Arc Directed Mars aspecting Trump natal Mars.

Transiting Saturn opposing Trump natal Venus and transiting Nodes aspecting Trump natal Sun-Moon-Nodes, also showing transiting Pluto opposing Trump natal Venus and transiting Saturn opposing Trump natal Pluto in 2021.

Secondary progressed Mars aspecting Trump natal Mars.

Kathir Subbiah known as KT Astrologer
SAN RAMON, Calif. - June 2, 2020 - PRLog -- The 59th US Presidential Election is scheduled on Tuesday Nov 3, 2020. Here is the analysis based on vedic astrology and possible outcome.
Here is the transcript:
Hello Everyone! This is Kathir from KTAstro.com. In this video, I am going to talk about whether President Trump will get re-elected or not based on Vedic Astrology.
The current US President Trump from the Republican Party and Joe Biden from the Democratic Party will contest in the 59th US Presidential Election scheduled on Tuesday Nov 3, 2020.
Based on Vedic Astrology, given the birth details of the person, we can predict the future. I have predicted President Trump's Victory of 2016 presidential election by one year in advance in Dec 2015. If we can have the exact date, time, and place of birth for both the presidential candidates, then it is easier to predict who will win. Unfortunately, I do not the exact time of birth for Joe Biden.
Hence, I have analyzed only President Trump's horoscope for 2020 presidential election. As President Trump has got a powerful horoscope, if his times were good during the election period, then he will surely get reelected.
The current scheduled date which of Tuesday, Nov 3, 2020 is not looking good for President Trump. In case, if the election were to happens on Nov 3, 2020 and the results came out on the same day, then President Trump will lose the election. In case if voting or polling results were to get delayed by 4 to 8 weeks, then Trump will get re-elected.
It may be a repeat of the Presidential Election between George W. Bush and Al Gore happened in Nov 7, 2000. If you were to recollect, the election results were withheld for around 5 weeks as it was too close to call in the State of Florida.
The other scenario is, President Trump, somehow manages to change the election date to hold the election on Tuesday Dec 15, 2020 or later instead of Nov 3, 2020, then President Trump will win the 2020 Presidential Election.

Prophecy Will Trump Be Reelected

Here is the predictions on YouTube posted on May 12, 2020.

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