William And Kate Astrological Compatibility

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Prince William is also Cancerian, as is Prince George, so this is a close-knit family unit in astrological terms, and one that enjoys the simple things in life - and just, well, being together. They might be opposite sun signs, but Kate and William are united by the importance of family ties (his sun and her moon). William’s Sun is conjunct the North Node, while Kate’s Sun is conjunct the South Node. Some might see this as a continuation of what was begun before in another lifetime. William and Kate’s Davison Moon is in its home sign of Cancer, as are their natal Moons. Moon is squared by the Sun: what they want and what they need are in conflict. Kate is able to talk to Prince William in a very open, candid, uninhibited manner, and Prince William appreciates Kate’s point of view. This, however, can be taken to extremes, and Kate may sometimes try to persuade Prince William to agree with, and follow, a certain point of view. Prince William’s Venus in Kate’s 10th house.

The day of the Royal Wedding has finally arrived and astrologer Mandaar Naik fills us in on what we as Indians are always dying to know -- how the bride and groom match up astrologically!

Prince William: Born on 21 June, 1982 at 9:03 pm
Kate Middleton: Born on 9 January, 1982 (time of birth unknown)

Prince William and Kate Middleton both belong to same moon sign, which happens to be Gemini. Both are talkative, practical, have a duality in their nature, are prone to mood swings, good with communication skills and have a sense of humour. But the difference between them can be observed in their ascendant sign.

William has very firm opinions and thoughts -- he is of sharp intellect, humane nature and generous disposition. Kate, on the other hand, is very lively and active. William's honesty, a most respectable trait, is a major drawing-in factor for Kate, who is very straightforward herself and appreciates this quality in his nature.

Kate is very active when it comes to both aspects of her life, personal and professional. William is also one to share his success with his partner, so these aspects of both their personalities also gel, allowing them to give each other space.

When it comes to romance, both are passionate and once again, this aspect of their relationship shows compatibility. However, William's somewhat argumentative nature may lead to strife between the couple.

Image: An official portrait of Prince WIlliam and Kate MiddletonAstrological
Photographs: Mario Testino/St James's Palace Prince william and kate middleton astrology compatibility

If we follow traditional matchmaking as per Vedic astrology, ie Guna Milan, this couple match up 65 percent, so that's good. The major points they lose out on are because of Nadi Dosha -- their doshas (temperament in terms of vata, kapha and pitta) are similar. Astrologically, that's not a good thing -- couples who have such Nadi Dosha may have little disagreements regarding some aspects of life. But hey, nobody's perfect and 65 percent compatibility is not a bad match.


The Jupiter transition this week sees wedding bells ring for Wills and Kate. Saturn will also help them along the way to a long-lasting marriage. People are usually not happy with Saturn's presence during the wedding, but Saturn blesses like no other astrological presence can, so the two are a lucky couple. They chose the right time to marry and that's good; if they had done it in a hurry and a little earlier, it may have proved troublesome to their married life.

Prince William's chart indicated clearly that he would marry at a normal age. Also, the chart shows the Ascendant-lord and the 7th-lord are in Bi-Quintile aspect -- this favours forming a durable relationship that will last for life. He will treat Kate with love and affection, which will keep both of them in a good mood most of the time. With concern and consideration for each other, they will have a happy family life.

William And Kate Astrological Compatibility

The only complication that arises in this scenario is that it may be awhile before they are entirely well-settled in their marital relationship. As per Kate's birth chart, 2013 will prove crucial to her married life and she will suffer due to disharmony with her husband. In 2013, she should keep a low profile. As the year passes, everything will get back on track again.

William And Kate Astrological Compatibility

Image: Prince William and Kate Middleton, official engagement portrait

William And Kate Astrological Compatibility Pisces

Photographs: Mario Testino/St James's Palace
William and kate astrological compatibility

As per both Kate and Wills' charts, this year is good to try for a child. They may opt for family planning, but sometimes these things are not in our hands -- God may have something different in store for them. Kate's chart shows that the couple will be blessed with a baby boy. If we think beyond the possibility of one child, then they will be blessed first with two boys, after which there is a chance of their having a girl.

On the whole, the royal couple's nuptials are astrologically fine, although as mentioned before, complications may arise in 2013 and then again in 2020. Kate will be remain the dominating partner in this marriage -- her nature is quite aggressive and impulsive, while Wills, on the other hand, manages situations with a diplomatic approach.

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Where to learn vedic astrology. Numerology-wise, Prince William's psychic number is 3 and Kate Middleton's is 9.

These two numbers are very compatible; her 9 is a multiple of 3 and 3s accept the authority of 9s, so 9s dominate 3s. In other words, numerologically speaking also, Kate will dominate Wills.

His 3 will give her 9 mental stability and help build her inner strength. She will also help him grow and mature, which is particularly important when you consider that he is part of the Royal Family. When in alliance, 3 never suffers any kind of losses in the company of a 9. And since 9s are more impulsive and doubting, they are more centered in the company of a 3, who inspires them with joyful company.

The number 3 is ruled by Jupiter and number 9 with Mars -- both are friendly planets, so the numbers 3 and 9 are friendly too. 9 personalities have organising and management skills and both make for a good union -- they will gain success and happiness without any trouble.

Numerologically too, Kate and Wills make a good couple. God bless them and wish them a happy married life!

Image: Prince William and Kate Middleton, official engagement portrait
Photographs: Mario Testino/St James's Palace