William And Kate Astrological Compatibility

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  1. Prince William and Kate Middleton's zodiac signs show that they're a complementary power couple. William's birthday is June 21, 1982, which makes his sun sign Cancer, while Kate Middleton's.
  2. Both Prince William and Kate have Mars in Libra, and their Venus in a Fixed sign suggesting that they both have similar social urges and aesthetic expressions.

KATE MIDDLETON and Prince William met 19 years ago and are still happily married with three children. But are they a perfect match? Here's what astrology has to say.


November 16, 2010

After eight years, Prince William has finally proposed to Kate Middleton.

This morning, a spokesperson for the British Royal Family made the following official announcement:

'The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton. The wedding will take place in the Spring or Summer of 2011, in London. Further details about the wedding day will be announced in due course.
'Prince William has informed The Queen and other close members of his family. Prince William has also sought the permission of Miss Middleton's father. Following the marriage, the couple will live in north Wales, where Prince William will continue to serve with the Royal Air Force.'

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace added that 'Both the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are absolutely delighted for them both.'

So we all have a Royal Wedding to look forward to. We hope they chose a perfect astrological day. Our very best wishes to the Prince of Wales and his bride to be.

It happens that our last article was about the love union of Prince William and Kate Middleton. We ended the article promising another article will follow and here it is.

In our last article, we pointed out that although Prince William and Kate make a lot of Romantic Linkages together, they have had a problem taking the final step to the alter because Prince William forms a very powerful Heartbreak Clash with Kate. We wrote that the result of this clash is that there is something deep inside Prince William that makes him NOT feel that Kate is THE ONE for him.

So why did the handsome Prince finally propose to Kate?


There are two distinct sets of astrological reasons why he proposed NOW:

1. Kate is having three super Cinderella Transits and these transits help her such that the Prince is finally willing to commit.

2. The Prince and Kate together form super extraordinary Cinderella Linkages in their Magi Zodiac7 charts.

This article will teach about their extraordinary Cinderella Linkages in their Magi Zodiac7 charts and we will write another article about Kate's Cinderella Transits.


We had a feeling the Prince might pop the question, which is why –

About three weeks ago on October 20, during a Members Only Magi Astrology Workshop, the Magi Society revealed the deepest secrets of the astrological attraction between Prince William and Kate Middleton and explained the main astrological reasons why the two of them are so romantically attracted to each.

Just before the Workshop we gave, we had posted three charts about Kate Middleton and Prince William; all three of the charts were in the Magi Zodiac7 dimension of astrology.

William And Kate Astrological Compatibility Pisces


[If you are not familiar with the Magi Zodiac7 concepts and charts, please click on this link: http://www.magiastrology.com/zodiac7.htm that we posted in April of 2009. Please be sure to read this lesson on Magi Zodiac7 charts before continuing to read the rest of this link.]

The Magi Zodiac7 chart is the single most important advancement in astrology since the Babylonians created the standard 12-part Zodiac chart.

For thousands of years, astrologers have struggled with limited knowledge. They did not know about the Zodiac7 chart. But by adding the Magi Zodiac7 chart to our analysis, every astrologer is able to more than double his or her astrological knowledge.

As explained in our first lesson about Magi Zodiac7 charts, the Zodiac7 chart is just as powerful as the standard Zodiac12 chart. But there are fewer aspects, fewer linkages and fewer clashes, in the Zodiac7 chart and therefore, whenever there are Zodiac7 aspects, linkage and clashes, they are more powerful (as a result of the Magi Astrology Principle of Rarity, which states that the more rare an astrological alignment, the more powerful the alignment is).

Kate Middleton and Prince William are perfect examples of this. Below are two of the three Magi Zodiac7 charts that we posted on our Members Only Website on October 19, 2010, in preparation for the Magi Astrology Workshop we held in October 20.

William and kate astrological compatibility relationship

Kate Middleton’s NatalMagi Zodiac7 Chart Explains Why She Can be a Royal Cinderella

First we have the Magi Zodiac7 chart of Kate Middleton’s birth chart below:

The above chart shows how Kate Middleton’s planets are distributed when we divide the circle into seven equal parts instead of the normal 12. That makes the above chart a Magi Zodiac7 chart. It is also a Heliocentric chart.

The thing to pay most attention to is that Kate’s Jupiter and Pluto, her Mars, Venus, Chiron and Mercury all make Zodiac7 type aspects to each other and they form an amazingly rare five point symmetrical pattern that you can see is symmetrically spaced to the left and right of the pink vertical line labeled the SYMMETRICAL AXIS.

In our books and on this website, we have said many times that when any planetary configuration is symmetrical, it is more powerful than one that is not symmetrical. We also said many times that the more planets that create a Symmetrical Pattern, the more powerful the pattern is.

Kate was born with Venus and Chiron forming part of a six-planet symmetrical pattern in her Heliocentric Zodiac7 chart. Venus and Chiron is the Magical Linkage pairing of planets. Add Jupiter and Pluto (the Super Success Aspect) to the alignment and all this tells us she has the ability to become a Magical Cinderella.

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Now you know the astrological reason Kate has the astrological power necessary to be able to marry Prince William, the most eligible bachelor in the world.

You could NOT have known this without the Magi Zodiac7 chart. This is one example of why the Magi Zodiac7 chart is the greatest advancement in astrology in 3000 years.


William And Kate Astrological Compatibility Zodiac Signs

The Magi Zodiac7 CACs Explain Why Prince William and Kate Are in Love

There are also Magi Zodiac7 charts for CACs – below is the Zodiac7CAC for Prince William and Kate Middleton, in the Heliocentric sky. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Prince William was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Kate Middleton was born.

In the above Prince William/Kate Middleton CAC, you can easily see that ten of their natal planets combine to form a ten-planet symmetrical pattern. Both the Prince and Kate contribute their natal Chirons and natal Venuses to the CAC pattern. The Chiron-Venus combination is the Magical Linkage and there are two of them here in this CAC pattern.

The result is Prince William and Kate Middleton form a double Magical Cinderella Symmetrical Pattern and this is the astrological reason the two are in love.

But remember, they also form a Heartbreak Clash in their standard zodiac CAC. So you probably are asking, “How important is their Heartbreak Clash?” in light of all this Zodiac7 astrogeometry.

William And Kate Astrological Compatibility

Our answer is the same as we have given before. According to the Magi Astrology Principle of Non-Cancellation:

Every linkage and clash has an effect and no linkage is canceled out by a clash

and no clash cancels out any linkage.

Which means there will be times when Prince William will have doubts.

With the help of Magi Astrology, we can even know when such times will occur. For example, when Kate Middleton was having Heartbreak Transits three years ago, Prince William tried to break off their romance. (To read about this, click on this link: http://www.magiastrology.com/Middleton.htm)

Kate was having Heartbreak Transits when Prince William tried to dump her. But now, Kate has three Cinderella Transits. Count them! Three Cinderella Transits. And we will discuss each of them in detail in our next article.


We wrote the above lesson to help you to understand matters you could not possibly understand without using the principles of Magi Astrology. For one thing, Magi Astrology includes the knowledge of Magi Zodiac7 Charts. But another huge advantage of Magi Astrology is that you can know so much without having any exact times of birth.

William And Kate Astrological Compatibility Relationship

If you have ever used Traditional Astrology, we bet you have been disappointed. Traditional Astrology is too general and not accurate and therefore could never help you understand any human relationship.

In addition, Traditional Astrology is nearly a total prisoner of its requirement of needing an exact time of birth. If you have ever used Traditional Astrology, you must have been totally frustrated many times because you could not obtain an accurate time of birth to use for your Traditional Astrology analysis.

On the other hand, one of the great beauties of Magi Astrology is that it gives us tons of information and insights without exact times of birth – Magi Astrology is a “timeless” gift to us and we should always use it in our lives.

Even without an exact time of birth,


Furthermore, even if we think we have found an accurate time of birth, the time is almost never accurate. Here is why:

The times of birth on birth certificates are almost never accurate. This is because the CRITERIA FOR EXACT TIMES OF BIRTH ARE DIFFERENT from doctor to doctor and nurse to nurse.

There has never been a uniform definition for “time of birth” among doctors and nurses, most of whom are not astrology fans. One nurse may use the time when a baby’s head is visible, another nurse may use the time when the umbilical chord is cut, and still another nurse may simply write down a time the baby is safely delivered and the nurse can leave the delivery room. Or a doctor may just put in a time from memory after he leaves the delivery room.

For all the above reasons, the exact time of birth found on birth certificates is NOT reliable!

But Magi Astrology is reliable without exact times of birth.

Look at what you can know through Magi Astrology without a time of birth!

Through the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology, we actually know more than Traditional Astrology could ever know about Prince William and Kate Middleton, and anyone else you wish to know more about. We did it all without any exact time of birth – which is rarely accurate anyway.

William And Kate Astrological Compatibility Chart

The techniques and principles of Magi Astrology are revolutionizing astrology all over the world and giving all who use Magi Astrology an advantage over every one else.

(By the way, the techniques Traditional Astrologers use to rectify a chart are a farce because no two Traditional Astrologers ever independently come up with the same rectified time – they are always different. Test them out and see for yourself.)

William And Kate Astrological Compatibility

Magi Astrology is easy to learn and is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life. With Magi Astrology, you can improve your love life and your career; and you can avoid heartbreaks in both love and business. This may sound like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself. We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here. Reading these chapters is the best way to begin to learn Magi Astrology.


For over a decade, we have been able to consistently use the simple rules of Magi Astrology to explain the love life of hundreds of famous people on our websites because Magi Astrology Really Works. This website has hundreds of articles all proving Magi Astrology Really Works.



Prince William And Kate Middleton Astrology Compatibility

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William And Kate Astrological Compatibility Chart

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William And Kate Astrological Compatibility

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