Winter Solstice 2021 Astrology

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Astrology Calendar. As your portal to the stars, this calendar provides all the major astrological aspects this year. Highlighting every time each star changes signs, as well as every planet moving in and out of retrograde, this astrology calendar is the most comprehensive overview you'll find online. 2021 astrology guide to 2021 planetary transits. Winter Solstice. 2021 Mars Transits. Jan 26, 2021 12:57. Sagittarius - I.

Each planet has its own speed of movement around the Sun and the time of transit varies from planet to planet. During the transit the planets might become combust or retrograde which is also found in the transit table.

Winter solstice 2021 astrology susan miller

Generally, the planetary transits of Rahu, Ketu called the Moon nodes, Jupiter and Saturn have long lasting effects. Transits of planets like Moon and Mercury, the nearer planets bring quick changes. Transit of planets and their effects are always studied with reference to the natal chart of a person. The transit details of the all the planets for the year 2021 are given below for your easy reference:

Sun Transits - Mars Transits - Jupiter Transits - Saturn Transits -
Uranus Transits - Neptune Transits - Pluto Transits - Chiron Transits


Ingress aka Enters
Retrograde Ingress
2021 astrology predictions
Retrograde Begins
Retrograde Ends

2021 Sun Transits


Winter Solstice 2021 Astrology Calendar

Vernal Equinox
Winter Solstice 2021 AstrologySolstice
Summer Solstice
Autumnal Equinox
Winter Solstice

2021 Mars Transits

Sign and Event
Sagittarius - I
Capricorn - I
Aquarius - I
Aquarius - S/R
Capricorn - R
Capricorn - S/D
Aquarius - I
Pisces - I

2021 Jupiter TransitsWhen was astrology invented.

Sign and Event
Scorpio - S/R
Scorpio - S/D
Sagittarius - I

2021 Saturn Transits

Winter Solstice 2021 Astrology Dates

Sign and Event
Capricorn - S/R
Capricorn - S/D

2021 Uranus Transits

Sign and Event
Aries - S/D
Taurus - I
Taurus - S/R
Aries - R

2021 Neptune Transits

Sign and Event
Pisces - S/R
Pisces - S/D

2021 Pluto Transits

Sign and Event
Capricorn - S/R
Capricorn - S/D

2021 Chiron Transits

Sign and Event
Aries - I
Aries - S/R
Pisces - R
Pisces - S/D

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