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Hi, I’m Brittany Binowski, and I’m your astrologer Wonder Girl. About five years ago, I felt as though I was living someone else’s life. I was 23, had just graduated from grad school with a master’s degree in journalism and was working full time in Manhattan, but the friends I had weren’t resonating with me. Bosses at work weren’t listening to my ideas. Wonder Girl makes complex astrological information practical, relatable, fun and understandable, using her signature personal style. Learn astrology as you watch. Wonder Girl doesn’t just tell you what is going on in the sky. She also explains how she comes up with her predictions, and what each of the signs, planets, and aspects mean. Wonder Girl makes complex astrological information practical, relatable, fun and understandable, using her signature personal style. Learn astrology as you watch. Wonder Girl doesn’t just tell you. Full Moon Astrology Horoscope by Wonder Girl. THE LAST PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. Full Moon in Taurus Halloween October 2020 Astrology Horoscope. This full moon in Taurus is THE FINALE of the major Saturn-Pluto conjunction that started back in April 2019, and THE LAST PIECE OF THE PUZZLE we need to fall into place before some new chapter in life begins. Wonder Girl Astrology Home I help you connect with your highest purpose. Get daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope videos to help you unlock your unique potential. Browse exclusive videos from Wonder Girl below — purchase them individually, or sign up to get regular access to all videos.

Is the Mercury Retrograde messing with you? Has the Full Moon got you feeling all sorts of emotional? Want to make the most of the New Moon energy? Then you need to know about our new favourite astrology YouTube channel, Wonder Girl Astrology!


On a mission to make astrology practical, relatable and – most importantly – fun, founder Brittany Binowski dissects all major cosmic events and their themes to help you understand what the hell is going on in the skies – and how it might affect you!

Citing intelligence, practicality, sincerity and community amongst her core values, she explains, “The power of astrology is not in its ability to predict events, but in its ability to help us better understand ourselves.”

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On her astrology YouTube channel, Wonder Girl offers her interpretation of the most impactful planetary action in regular, free videos. Those who are looking for personal chart readings, daily horoscopes or videos that focus on more specific astrological happenings can subscribe to an online membership or purchase individual clips via her website.

Speaking entirely subjectively, the Tribe team has found Wonder Girl’s words deeply resonating. Editor in Chief Liv says, “I stumbled across the Wonder Girl Astrology channel randomly, but from the first video I watched I was hooked. I am well aware that this sounds a bit ‘hippy-dippy’ but since moving to Ibiza almost four years ago, the moon cycles seem to affect me much more.

Wonder Girl Astrology

Wonder Girl Astrology

Youtube Wonder Girl Astrology

“I don’t know if that is because I live on a small island surrounded by a huge body of water, but a few days before a Full or New Moon I get an overwhelming influx of emotions and all sorts of intuitive hunches. What shocked me about the Wonder Girl astrology YouTube readings was that Brittany’s interpretations seem to come straight out of my own head and heart. A lot of the time, her musings reflect almost exactly what is going on in my life. If you are interested in astrology and want to learn a bit more about how the planetary movements might affect your everyday life, Wonder Girl Astrology is a great place to start!”