Worst Astrological Sign

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We all know that astrology isn’t a perfect science, so you shouldn’t feel limited to dating people whose zodiac signs are compatible with yours. But if you’ve ever paid attention to the zodiac signs of the people you’ve dated in the past, you may have noticed that certain signs are more challenging to deal with. That's because some zodiac pairings really do get along better than others. So, what's the worst zodiac sign to date, based on your zodiac sign? An astrologer has the answer.

12 Zodiac Signs in Bed: Best and Worst Lovers. Featured Astrology Latest. Sexual Astrology: Zodiac Signs In Bed. Sexuality is a blend of passion, sensuality, and emotion. Astrology, as a universal system of symbols, offers specific notions to deal with these energies. Using astrology. PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM I PROMISE I'M COOL: @SIMPLYSTEPHJAYEHope you enjoy this video! If you want to see more like it hit the THUMBS UP button and of. We mean, Aries never fails to take the crown of the list when it comes to Zodiac's Worst and it's only rational. The sloppy sign is a fire sign, so one thing is well-established that they can get quite hot under the collar and can be super stubborn.

Worst Astrological Sign

'Astrology is a fantastic tool you can use to identify and articulate your needs, not only in career and in your health, but especially in relationships,' Kristina Semos, astrologer and owner of AstroOils, tells Bustle. 'Reading your own chart (or having your chart read by a pro) can give you insight into everything from your sex drive, how you flirt, want to be wooed, what matters the most to you in a relationship, how much independence you need, how traditional or non-traditional you might be, who you’re immediately drawn to and if that’ll ultimately satisfy your deeper emotional needs.' Weekly horoscope in telugu eenadu.

Worst Astrological Sign Compatibility Chart

According to Semos, astrological compatibility isn't strictly a yes or no type of thing. 'Certain combinations of zodiac signs tend to get along more easily than others naturally, but there are true pros and cons to each dynamic,' she says. 'Even if all signs point to 'No! Avoid dating that zodiac sign!' you could totally benefit in some way from it if you stay open-minded.' You'll just have to be prepared for some bumps in the road.

Astrological Signs By Month

If you're someone who's really into a challenge, here's the worst zodiac sign you could possibly date, based on your sign.