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How different would your life be now if you had not made the three biggest mistakes of your life?

  • If you hadn't gotten involved with the wrong person?
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  • If you hadn't accepted the wrong job?
  • Worst Horoscope
  • If you hadn't made that big change that turned into disaster?
  • If you hadn't taken that bad advice?
  • If you hadn't been so impulsive?
  • We have great news for you.

    The Magi Society has learned how we can each greatly reduce the number of big mistakes we make.

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    Worst horoscope signs for love

    Whether we succeed or fail depends not on what we do, but when we do it. Success or failure depends on the alignment of the planets at the time we take action.

    We have learned that we all make our biggest mistakes when the planets are making chaotic planetary alignments. Therefore if we never did anything important when the planets are making chaotic alignments, we can avoid making big mistakes.

    The webpages below give you a free service that informs you when are the best astrological times to do important things, and when are the worst times to do them.

    To help you better understand how important this knowledge is, please read the information below.

    Whenever we do something for the first time, we create a birth chart for what we did – the best example is when we get married to someone, we give birth to our marriage to that person and in so doing, we create a birth chart for the marriage. The birth chart is the astrological chart of the time and place we exchanged marriage vows and were proclaimed to be husband and wife.

    Worst Horoscope Sign


    In Magi Astrology, we refer to the creation of the marriage chart as a Natalization of the Marriage Chart. When we marry we natalize a marriage chart. The better the marriage chart, the better the marriage.

    When a person makes love to anyone for the first time, the two persons natalize a their Love Making Chart – how good or bad that astrological chart is will actually predetermine the course of the couple’s sex life with each other. The better the Love Making Chart is, then the better the love making of the couple will be with each other.

    We also natalize a birth chart whenever we complete a single-step activity like buying anything or signing an agreement. So when we purchase a smart phone, the act of purchasing the phone natalizes the birth chart of the phone ownership – if this chart is bad the phone will likely be lost or damaged or stop working prematurely.

    The purpose of the Magi Society’s Best and Worst Days is to help you know when are the best days each month to natalize important activities because this will greatly improve your life.

    Worst Horoscope Sign


    Worst Horoscope Match For Gemini

    Below are links that will give you the best and worst astrological days for every month since December 2002. The current month is available if you click the topmost link.