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Find free daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes at Yahoo Life for Pisces horoscope, your one stop shop for all things astrological. The Astro Twins forecast Pisces' horoscope for today. Find out if the moon's position presents any new opportunities, if today's the day to take a chance on love, or if you should be questioning. Daily Horoscope: 4/7/2021 Aries. June 21-July 22. Find free daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes at Yahoo Life for Pisces Horoscope, your one stop shop for all things astrological. Pisces Daily Horoscope – April 17 2021. Read full article. 16 April 2021, 3:00 pm. Yahoo News Australia.

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Yahoo Horoscope Pisces Today

With Moon residing in Scorpio today, a peaceful and tranquil day is in store for you. All the usual mad rush will not hound you with its usual intensity, predict Astroyogi astrologers. You will be extremely patient and will work towards yours goals with all your focus and attention. Relax and try to leave your worries behind as you look forward to an evening surrounded by friends and family. Someone close may seek for your help today, just help them. After all this is what friends are for. Weekly love astrology. Wearing something in Magenta today will help you attract positive cosmic energy. Time between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm is likely to be the luckiest period of the day for you.

Daily Love Horoscope

Yahoo Horoscope Pisces 2022

A new potential romantic partner may enter your life today, though you might be a bit unsure of the situation in the beginning. Your hesitation is clear in the beginning, but after getting to know each other, your resolve starts to break down and you see the potential here. Feel free to take the advice of a dear friend if you are still unsure of the potential in this person.

Daily Career Horoscope

Today in your workplace you will forge some new alliances that will bring you benefit in the long run. Be open to meeting new people and talking with your colleagues in depth. You may forge a friendship that turns into a helpful work ally. Don`t discount or rule out anyone today; you never know who will need to call on in the future.

Daily Finance Horoscope

Today is a day when you will see some pending business deals finally coming to a close and room for new business ventures opening up. This is a fruitful time to make forward progress towards your business goals and increase your contacts and professional relationships. Make the most of this productive day.

PiscesDaily Health Horoscope

Today is a good day to spend time with your family if you have been feeling emotionally low lately. Enjoy all the news they have to share whether it`s about you or someone else, as it will spread joy among all of you. Today you will feel the support and appreciation of those in your inner circle and your spirits will really pick up.

Weekly Horoscope

This week brings out a lot of excitement in you. There’s a glimmer of fun and play to all things and you may move away from the past and start to focus on the possibilities of the present. Your methods of communication will strengthen and will help you come across in leaps and bounds at work and in your personal life. After all, asserting what we want is key to getting it! You’ll also enjoy great health so you’ll be present in making the most of all that this week and phase of life has to offer. Your confidence makes this an especially remarkable time – if only this feeling could be bottled!The week begins on a good note for most of you and you`ll meet with success in all your endeavours. Things will go according to your plans and you will get the support of your loved ones. You handle challenging work assignments very easily. On the personal front, you may think about renewing an old friendship with someone you haven`t spoken to in ages.


Yahoo Pisces Daily Horoscope

Weekly Love Horoscope

This week things are likely to go your way and you get to share some good moments with your partner. You will find your partner to be much more attentive towards your needs. If you are in love with someone and want to express how you feel, do so this week as the stars favour you. Things will work out in your favour and your love interest will reciprocate his or her feelings for you.

Weekly Career Horoscope

You get some great piece of advice from the best experts this week. This guides you towards the right direction and wait for a good opportunity to arrive. Some of you will be very happy with the way things progress this week. Your seniors will be highly impressed with your work and will hold you in high regard. The colours yellow and white are indicated to bring you luck this week.

Weekly Finance HoroscopePisces

This week you are advised to make all your financial decisions carefully as any carelessness could lead to losses for you. You will do best to postpone your decision to sell any property till a later date as you might not get a good price for it at this time. Take the advice of a financial expert before making any investments in case you are not sure about something.

Weekly Health Horoscope

You are likely to feel a little agitated this week. Some of you have been sitting idle for long stretches of the day. Now stop doing so, as this has given way to a lot of negative thoughts to enter your mind. Older folk need to be careful regarding your blood pressure and sugar levels this week. Take all the necessary precautions. Also, do be careful while walking on rough terrains.

Monthly Horoscope

This period is one of strong monetary gain and promotes positive experiences with friends and family members. The drive to be social is exceptionally strong with Venus in Aries on the 10th, and a bolder, more adventurous side of your nature is likely to emerge. On the 1st, Mercury moves into Pisces, which may encourage you to explore overseas. There may be some melancholy mood permeating your personal life. You may miss someone from your past or think back on ‘easier’ times. Try to remember that the present moment is all we ever really have. Make it great. Savor it. On the 16th, Mercury moves into Aries, and you’ll enjoy fortuitous financial dealings and be full of excitement in all areas of life, especially the profession. You are easily able to communicate with others and make your point well. With Mars moving into Gemini on the 14th, there are excellent prospects on the horizon for you, and you can speak up and put yourself out there. This is a period of recognition so brace yourself for attention to come your way. This is also an excellent time for promoting good health and establishing solid patterns and habits. The sun moves into Aries, which creates an intense period of confidence and change. This can be an excellent time for new awakenings and personal evolution. A confident Pisces is one who can connect to its higher self, parts of you that may often be repressed, cut off from, or lost in fantasy. When you believe in yourself, compelling energy stores are released, and you may find yourself acting in ways that do not seem like you. This is the most like you've ever been. Supercharged with power, tenacity, more headstrong, and fiery, there is a real surge behind you that people can feel, as though you are made of electricity. Allow people to experience this, allow yourself to experience this, and you may be surprised at what you can manifest. Abundance is yours if you step up to the plate. With such ferociously strong energy behind you this month, it’s difficult for you not to. Destiny is calling, like a playmate or an old friend, and the invitation must be accepted. Your gentleness, softness, and compassion are still there, but now you have the energy to act and bring these blessings out into the world.

Monthly Love Horoscope

Expect some exciting romantic encounters, especially during the monthend. Those who are in a relationship need to spend more time with your partner. Your partner will feel neglected if you don`t take time out of your busy schedule for them. If you are searching for your soulmate, you need to be patient a little while longer. Don`t get disheartened as love will come calling soon. All that you need to do is look in the right places. This month you get to have a lovely time with your beloved. This is a good time to express your true feelings to your partner. This will make your partner feel special besides strengthening your relationship. Do something creative this month to revive your relationship. Married couples need to plan something special to make your relationship a more romantic one. Going for a short pleasure trip would be perfect for this monthend. Your romantic life begins on a good note this month. Your beloved will surprise you with a lovely gesture. Expect something interesting to happen in the middle of the month. Some of you may have some kind of misunderstanding with your mate. Your problems will go away once you have an honest conversation regarding this. This conversation will clear all your doubts and your relationship will be back on solid ground once again. Enjoy each other`s company this monthend.

Monthly Career Horoscope

This month will turn out great for you on the professional front. There are indications that you are likely to be entrusted with an important responsibility at the beginning of the month. This will boost your career and do wonders for your confidence, too. Politicians in particular will find this period to be very fruitful for their career. You will face no obstacles and find the month to be a smooth sailing one. A new opportunity at work will help you advance career wise. A senior comes to your rescue and their guidance will lead you to the right path this month. Working in harmony with your colleagues is a must this month; you never know how things will tend to shape up. Teachers and accountants will have a great month and see many of their dreams coming true. Your ability to work under pressure will be tested as you are entrusted with some additional assignments in the later half of the month. Do not let any opportunity slip through your hands. This month promises many good things career wise and you use your good communication skills to your benefit. Don`t get disheartened if you don`t see results in the first half of the month. Be patient and you will achieve success in all your endeavours. Businessmen will surely achieve success if they take their decisions carefully. Motivating and guiding your subordinates will work to your benefit this month.

Monthly Finance Horoscope

Avoid lending money since there are chances that you might find it very difficult to recover what you have loaned out. But, try not to refuse directly. Remember, a loan even for a short period of time must not be given. If you have to give it due to some reason, it will be better to hold something of value as a guarantee. Also, save yourself from investing under temptation. You need to keep away from apparently lucrative but otherwise tricky investment schemes. Remember, going with them will only endanger your hard-earned money. You should, therefore, invest where you it will be possible to get safe though low returns. Mid month will enable you to pave the way for handsome monetary returns. However, consider all the aspects – both positive and negative – before grabbing any opportunity. You will benefit if you were to take a final decision only after looking at the viability of the project. The good news for you is that your continuous pursuit will definitely bring an improvement in your financial health. Resist from being influenced by investment temptations, especially the stock market during the month end. Invest your money only after considering all pros and cons to save yourself from major losses. Also, if you are a little unsure about where to invest, consult an expert. Right now, investing in land is not a great idea.

Monthly Health Horoscope

Horoscope For Pisces Today Yahoo


This may be a mixed month for you on the health front. Remember to remain stress-free since stress can affect your health in the long run. Also, there are chances that you may be affected by a nasal allergy such as a running nose, sneezing or congestion. A stomachache may cause some trouble at the beginning of the first week. You can easily avoid it by taking preventive care. Eat right and do some light exercises to stay healthy. If you suffer from any eye problem, immediately visit a good eye specialist. Neglecting your problems will only aggravate the situation. You make some good decisions health wise and will benefit greatly from them. Your health may require special care mid month. During this time, it is good to take adequate precautions, especially where children and older people are concerned. Also, please make sure that the food you eat is home-cooked; there are chances certain infections at this time. Fevers may just afflict some of you; it is time to be particular about what you consume. Healthwise, this second fortnight begins on a promising note and indicates no chances of facing any problems. However there is a need of taking preventive care to keep problems a bay in the later. Realizing the importance of nutritional food would only benefit you. Alongside, have a positive thinking and continue exercising. Those already suffering from joint and muscle pain will find some relief by the time the month comes to an end. Persons suffering from high cholesterol will have to take a special care for their diets.