Yellow Sapphire Vedic Astrology

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Apr 14, 2021 Unheated Yellow Sapphire s for Jyotish, Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda Page 1 Y ellow sapphire is the astrological, Jyotish gem used in Vedic astrology to propitiate Jupiter, which is the planet of happiness, prosperity, luck and fortune. Jupiter is the significator of justice, education, religion, wealth, children, government and the grace of God.

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Gems are precious stones which absorb a specific colored light and hence they are seen in various colors. Wildfox tee. There are mainly 9 gems called 'navratna' in Indian vedic astrology. They are Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Hassonite and Cat's eye. In Indian astrology horoscope science, gems are connected to the 9 planets depending on their color and type of energy. Gemology is a science of using gems for curing diseases and for prosperity in life.

Yellow sapphires are recognized as being the bearers of wisdom and prosperity, and play a major role in Vedic Astrology, which proscribes good luck and good energy as flowing from a yellow sapphire. Yellow Sapphires In 2020. There are mainly 9 gems called 'navratna' in Indian vedic astrology. They are Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Hassonite and Cat's eye. In Indian astrology horoscope science, gems are connected to the 9 planets depending on their color and type of energy.

Gems are precious stones which are loaded with specific energies. Gems may take in different colored rays and filter them all, but finally they keep a specific ray only. For example, Ruby is a gem in Dark Red color. This gem will filter all other colors except Red, which is accumulated into it. When we wear Ruby, we get the Red colored rays being absorbed into our body, and hence the effect of these rays will produce certain results. It has been experimentally proved that the Red color increases Will-power, Anger, Dynamism, Blood flow, and the Soul is strengthened. So it is better if the people with a lack of confidence and with feelings of inferiority wear this gem.
All gems are connected to Planets in Astrology. Of course Astrology advocates that everything in this world is connected to Planets finally. What is the relation between gems and Planets? Each planet has a type of energy which is fully absorbed in a particular gem on the earth. Thus Sun’s energy is absorbed in Ruby, Moon’s energy is available in Pearl, Mars’s is in Coral, Jupiter’s is in Yellow Sapphire, Saturn’s energy is seen is Blue Sapphire, Mercury’s is in Emerald, Venus’s is in Diamond, Rahu’s is in Hessonite and Kethu’s is in Cat’s eye.
When there are any deficiencies in the energy levels of a Planet in a human being, the related problems concerned to that Planet will result. So it is wise to fill these deficient energies, by wearing gems. This is the route to achieve health, happiness and prosperity in life.Vedic astrology calculator

Yellow Sapphire. As one of the most precious gemstones mined on earth, yellow sapphire brings many astrological advantages like blissful matrimony, better health, and professional success. This stone from corundum family has a beautiful and vivid canary yellow color with natural inclusions that enhance its beauty. Jul 21, 2016 One of the most commonly sold stones at Astrological Gem is the unheated yellow sapphire, which our customers buy to strengthen Jupiter in their Vedic astrological birth chart. Jupiter is considered the most benevolent planet according to Vedic Astrology. It represents enlightenment, generosity, happiness, and abundance.

RubyYellow Sapphire Vedic Astrology: Ruby is generally available in dark red, and glows like morning sun. Wearing a Ruby protects a person from afflictions of Sun, heart weakness, headaches, general ill health, eye troubles, blood pressure etc.

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Pearl: It is in white color with a streak of oceanic blue. Wearing a pearl protects a person from diseases of lungs and stomach, water-born diseases, emotional problems, and impulsive decisions.
Coral: A good coral will be red in color. It is used to get rid of skin diseases, fevers, accidents, abortions, burns and enmity with others.A Coral increases practicality, quickness in doing the things and vigor.
Yellow Sapphire: It would be yellow or white in color. Yellow is preferred. It is used to get the grace of God, children, education, and high position in job or business. It is used to get success in legal problems, digestion and liver problems.
Blue Sapphire: This is in dark blue or black in color. Nervous problems, delays, serious ill health, diseases of teeth, ears, rheumatism, aging, problems in service and business can be controlled by wearing a Blue Sapphire.
Emerald: This gem is in green color, causing the power of intelligence, presence of mind, right decisions in business, communication, speculation, scientific education. It can be worn to escape from madness, stammering, and nervous problems.
Diamond: This is a very precious stone with bright white color. Delays in marriage, bad married life, diseases of reproductive system, lack of luxuries in life can be overcome by using a diamond. Hardness of diamond: 10, Specific gravity: 3.52, Refractive index: 2.4175.
Yellow Sapphire Vedic AstrologyVedicHessonite: This is in honey color and eliminates problems like cholera, dysentery, hallucinations, and problems from evil spirits.

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Yellow Sapphire Vedic Astrology 2020

Cat’s eye: This is in white color with a circular band around in grass color. It alleviates problems like paralysis, contaminated diseases, infections, intestinal disorders and increases religious nature in a person.
Any gem should be purified and then loaded with positive vibrations of concerned planet, by chanting the relevant Mantra during a period of time. Then it should be worn in a ring to a suitable finger of right hand on an auspicious day. But first of all take the help of an Astrologer to determine which gem is suitable for you. Keep in mind that if you wear an unsuitable gem, you are inviting more problems.

Yellow Sapphire Vedic Astrology

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Who Should Wear Yellow Sapphire Astrology

Yellow Sapphire Vedic Astrology

Which Rashi Can Wear Yellow Sapphire

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Curing diseases with gems
Gems are sought after for jewelry making and also for astrological reasons because it influences the energy in and around people of different zodiac signs in varied ways to manipulate their life in a positive manner. There are gems, which are particularly helpful in such as matter and they are Ruby, Yellow sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Pearl, Coral, Cat's eye, Gomedth, etc.
There are various different types and colors of sapphire sold in the market. For example, there are blue, pink, yellow, white, and green and so on. Yellow sapphire has refractive index of 1.765 with specific gravity of 3.99. It is found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Russia, Brazil and Zambia. USA, Nepal, Nigeria, Mexico, India and Brazil have this gem as well.
Astrological Benefits of Yellow Sapphire
Sapphire is considered the gem of one of the heaviest and the largest planet, which is Jupiter. Wealth, wisdom, knowledge and health are some of the things that are influenced by this gem. It can help the wearer and especially the girls to find a life partner. One can also benefit by wearing this stone when they are suffering any ailments of the liver, gall bladder and such other things. Not only can it prevent diseases but it can also influence the physical and psychological factors in a person’s body to improve their vision and to give them security by influencing their finances and their thoughts. This gem is known to cure heart troubles, liver damages, insomnia, gastritis, arthritis, impotency, etc.
Jupiter is responsible for bringing health and wealth as well as honor and glory through meritorious actions of the individual. If this planet is weak, then it can cause the individual to become careless and extremist. Disputes and disagreements are common in such situation.
Influencing the planet Jupiter they can prevent the affects of dasha of Venus.
Who should wear?
Yellow sapphire is considered a luck stone. With red coral it is more beneficial. It influences inheritance, pilgrimage, long journey, prosperity and popularity. This is the reason politicians and businessmen benefit from this stone. Ladies in their initial years of marriage can wear this gem. Those who are aiming for greater success and also higher studies can take help of this gem. Other professions, where yellow sapphires can be worn are professor, teacher spiritualists, cinematographers, soldiers, lawyer, people in public welfare and such others.
When a Yellow Sapphire should be Worn?
This stone is worn in the right hand first finger on Thursdays on a lunar month 9 (shukal paksh) between 6 am and 8 am.
Effects of Yellow Sapphire on Each Zodiac Sign
Yellow sapphire is particularly good for aeries, Scorpio, Leo, cancer, Sagittarius and also Pisces. However, how well it will suit depends on various planetary positions of the person in their horoscope. It is always suitable to consult an astrologer.
Aries are bestowed with luck and specifically if it is worn with red coral.
Taurus can wear this gem if their position of Jupiter is in the 1st, 9th, 5th, 4th or 2nd houses.
Gemini should not wear this because it will influence the Jupiter, lord of 7th and the 10th house.
Cancer can benefit if it is worn with pearl.
Leo can get good results as also Virgo when they are wearing this gem.
Libra should also try and avoid wearing yellow sapphire unless under some special condition.
Scorpio can wear this gem as well.
Sagittarius will benefit if it is worn with ruby.
Capricorn should avoid wearing this gem
Aquarius and Piscean both can wear this after consulting astrologer.