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According to the Vedic astrology horoscope, the astrology signs are the same as that of the sun signs, however, only the Vedic astrology dates for Vedic astrology signs appear to be different. The Vedic astrology dates are mentioned as follows: Aries from 12 th April to.

  • The planets taken into consideration as per the Vedic astrology are nine in number - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Rahu and Ketu that are said to be the shadow planets. Also, Vedic astrology takes into account the 27 lunar constellations that are popularly known as Nakshatras.
  • In life, if you ever stand at the fork or you have to choose one of the two paths, then tarot yes or no card can help you a lot. The following is the way to get free tarot yes or no card readings: Sometime you do not need to get all the thorough descriptions of a circumstances as who, when, how, and why.
  • Yes or No Tarot. Sometimes you need a simple, straightforward answer. Get a 'yes' or 'no' answer with this free tarot reading from!

Due to popular demand I have put together a list in response to the names you have all submitted to tune in to see who will possibly run for the 2024 USA Presidency and who may win. As we still have a lot of time things can change and more candidates can be in the running closer to the time. I have used Astrology, Chinese Face Readings and any messages from source/spirit to assist in this review. Next to each person’s name is a yes or no and a possible reason why. I have also included my top picks and wild cards.
My previous predictions on this topic of the President of 2024 for the United States is most likely to be a female and of immigrant parents or grandparents who were born outside the US or outside the lower 48 states. She could have a different cultural background to classic white American culture, a background in law and have darker than lighter hair.

Rashida Tlaib – No, she is happy to be in congress.
Amal Clooney – No, she is not a US citizen by birth.
Candace Owens – No, but she will run later in history or work inside the house of representatives.
Melania Trump – No, she is not a natural born citizen and I don’t think she has any desire to be president.
Stacy Abrams – Yes, but I see her as more of a vice president.
Kamala Harris – Yes, I see her running and having some success.
Keisha Lance Bottoms – No, Happy to be in Atlanta as Mayor.
Ivanka Trump – No, doesn’t like the spotlight and is better working behind the scenes.
Judge Ester Salas – No, for now she has had too many upsetting threats to her family.
Tulsi Gabbard – Yes, either for 2024 or after. Good Candidate.
Amy Klobuchar – Yes, Good Candidate.
Ilhan Omar – No, Somali born but will be a voice for many people and a political influence.
Marco Rubio – No
Mike Pompeo – Yes, good chance.
Andrew Cuomo – No
Pete Buttigieg – No
Michael Bennet – No
Mike Pense – No
Donald Trump Jr – No
Nikki Haley – Yes, good candidate and could be Vice President.
Elizabeth Warren – Yes, good candidate but could be too progressive to win but will get support.
Elise Stefanik – No, but may be later after 2024.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – No, but may succeed later after 2024.
Kayne West – No
Kim Kardashian – No, but could run later in history.
Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” – No

Wild Cards –

Carolyn Maloney – Yes could win.
Val Demings – Yes could win.
Ellen DeGeneres – May decide to run.
Tom Hanks – May decide to run.
Oprah Winfrey – Yes, good chance to win.
Kristi Noem – Yes, good change to run and win.

Top Picks –

Mike Pompeo
Amy Klobuchar
Tulsi Gabbard
Elizabeth Warren
Kamala Harris
Oprah Winfrey
Kristi Noem

Many blessings

Amira Celon

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PRASNA ~ Sanskrit, meaning ‘A Question’.

Yahoo horoscope libra. I am so excited to start offering this service to the west!

In India, it is and has been for 1000’s of years, normal to visit the family Astrologer for wise council on life’s day to day choices and decisions.

This is different from a longer annual reading or in depth analysis of one or more charts. Prasna is designed to give us quick YES or NO answers. Your Astrologer is already familiar with your chart, and the charts of your family and business partners, employees or colleagues, so there is a historical relationship foundation established.

Prasna can be a simple quick yes or no, or a more lengthy reading depending on your immediate needs.

Prasna advises ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

A chart is drawn for the moment the question is asked.


The Vedic Astrologer, pays very close attention to NAMITA, which is also a division of Vedic Astrology, meaning signs or omens.

Here is an example of what questions where one may seek Prasna:

‘Is this a good time for an important business meeting?’
‘Is this a good time for and important romantic meeting?’
‘Is this a good time to travel?’
‘Is this a good date for a marriage?’
‘Is this a good time to change jobs?’
‘Is this a good time to move?’
‘Is this a good time to purchase?’
‘Is this a good time to sell?’
‘Is this business proposition worthy of my involvement?’
‘Should I move ahead with this decision?’
‘Am I in line with my highest good with this decision?’
‘What is the general level of integrity of this time or this group?’
‘What energy and karma does this new meeting have in its inception?’

YOUR FREE WILL ALWAYS WINS. Remember astrology is a sacred tool in your tool kit for life. Charts are the language of light at any moment in time. They give us an indication of energetic quality of the moment. For example, if I am booking a plane flight or booking an important business meeting, or signing a contract, I will always consult the planets to find the best and worst times. I know for sure, that knowing if the planetary energy of a day is highly charged with erratic energy, I save myself lots of headaches by booking a flight early in the morning to avoid chaos which will likely occur even 5 or 6 hours later.

Yes Or No Vedic Astrology Sign

Prasna is an essential element of usefulness as an astrological guide. It is not the be abused, but to be used when one needs objective non-personal or judgemental guidance.

Yes Or No Vedic Astrology Calculator

There is a saying that I love: “ How is starts is usually how it ends”.

Yes or no vedic astrology

“Prasna is the art form of Vedic Astrology“ ~Paddi Moore