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by Marguerite dar Boggia

Many astrologers put up charts without giving the sourceof the data. Was it from the parent, or letters or notes, or biographyor from birth certificate? Lois Rodden brought this to the attention ofastrologers and did something about it. She created the AstroDatabankprogram which gave a rating to the data, according to the source of theinformation. If the data was from the birth certificate, the rating wasAA. Where there was dirty data, she sometimes supplied the alternativedata.

Historically the astrological yod is known as 'The Finger of God.' For those who are unfamiliar or have never heard of it, Yod is the astrological aspect with one sextile and two quincunxes that form a narrow triangle. How do I find my Yod astrology? If you have a sextile in your chart (within 3 degree orb), every time a planet transit the 150° apart, you have a quincunx by transit. Equally, if you have a quincunx in your chart (within 3°) every time a transiting planet comes to a sextile to it while being 150° from the natal planet, you have a Yod.

I began to notice in death charts of friends and family, that therewas an eclipse on the natal or the progressed MC/IC several years priorto the death. The orb of the eclipse degree was not more than 4 degreesfrom the MC/IC. I found that the effect of an eclipse can occurthree months before the eclipse date and at least a yearand a half to two years later. If there are children in the family, many times the eclipse will occur on their MC/IC several years before the dateof death or even three months before the death.

If there was no eclipse at all on the MC/IC, there was afinger of godaspect called a‘yod’. A yod is the tenth letter of the Hebrew Language. Theaspect relates to destiny, or an important event and death certainlyfalls into that category.

The yod aspect is formed by two sextile planets with both quincunxing athird planet at the apex. It forms a “V”. A yod is easier tofind if there are additional meridians such as the equatorial ascendantand the vertex. The equatorial ascendant is formed by the prime verticalmeridian crossing the celestial equator. The Vertex is formed by theprime vertical crossing the ecliptic. The computer program gives thispertinent information.

You can use the midpoint of two planets to complete a yod. Forinstance, in my chart, I have Sun at 10 Capricorn and Mercury at 24Capricorn. To find the midpoint, just add the degrees of the two planetsand then divide by 2. The midpoint of 10 Capricorn and 24 Capricorn, whenadded together and divided by 2, is 17 Capricorn. 17 Capricorn forms theapex of a yod with my natal Neptune (17 Leo) sextile Moon (17 Gemini);however, unless an eclipse aspects or a progressed planetary factor(planet, angle, node) conjoins one of the planets, nothing happens.

When my first husband died on Jan. 11, 1976 my progressed Venus was17 Capricorn, at the apex of the yod. Venus signifies partner, spouseor lover, the Moon denotes ‘end of life’. There was an eclipse on 1/30/72 (9:36 Leo) on my natal MC (9:22 Leo) approximatelythree and a half years before his date of death.

At the time of this writing, my progressed ascendant is 17 Capricorn,and that yod is again activated. How does one interpret the yod? Whatdoes Neptune and Moon rule in my chart? This is how a determination ismade. Neptune rules the 5th house of creativity. It is in the 10th house of work. Moon rules the 9th house of publication. It is in the 8thhouse of transformation. Suddenly New-Age Magazines have beenpublishing my articles.
My second husband was Bennett Peterson, the former Treasurer of ISARand of UAC. He did not know his time of birth. His parents had diedbefore he became interested in astrology. He found the time of hisbirth by sending through the mail a drop of his blood to someone whoadvertised in a publication. The time he received was 9:49 PM, givinghim a 220 Cancer ascendant. He could not believe that this was correct; but it was.

At the time of his death on 6/21/1992, the lunar eclipse of 12/21/91(29:08 Gemini) was on his progressed MC (28:41 Gemini). Vedic astrology courses sydney. He also had a finger of god aspect: Progressed No. Node (20:56Leo) was sextile to progressed Pluto (21:01 Gemini) and natal Pluto(22:31 Gemini) and both quincunxed progressed Moon (21:26 Capricorn). TheMoon as ruler of the 4th house, signifies ‘end of life.’Pluto relates to death and the Nodes have something to do withdestiny.

In his daughter’s chart, the solar eclipse of 6/30/92 (8:56Cancer) was on her progressed IC (8:59 Cancer). She also had a yod:Progressed Mars (9:27 Leo) sextiled the midpoint of Sun (5:45 Gemini) andMercury (12:18 Gemini) which midpoint is 9:01 Gemini. Progressed MC (8:59Capricorn) was at the apex of the yod. Midheaven signifies parent. Mars rules her Scorpio MC. Mercury rules the 8th house of death. He was veryclose to his daughter. His ascendant is on her descendant.

In his oldest son’s chart, the lunar eclipse (29:08 Gemini)aspected his natal IC (29:33 Gemini). He also had a yod: natal Venus(29:47 Cancer) sextiled progressed Moon (28:04 Taurus) and both quincunxed natal MC (29:33 Sag.) (parent).

In his younger son’s chart, there was an eclipse(23:30 Libra) on April 14, 1987 on the natal MC (21:29 Libra)within five years of the date of death. There was ayod: Natal MC (21:29 Libra) sextiled progressed descendant (22:22 Leo) and both quincunxed natal Mercury (21:27 Pisces). Mercury is co-ruler ofthe 8th house of death. MC relates to parent. There was an eclipse on6/27/91 (5:07 Capricorn) that activated a yod involving the progressedNo. Node (3:01 Gemini) sextile natal Saturn (2:45 Leo) with both quincunxnatal ascendant (2:37 Capricorn). Saturn relates to Father. The ascendantapplies to himself.

In my chart the lunar eclipse of 1/30/91 (9:43 Leo) was on my natal MC(9:22 Leo). The eclipse of 6/30/92 (8:56 Cancer) was on my Pluto (10:09Cancer). Every eclipse on an MC also effects the IC, which signifiesfamily and/or the ‘end of life’. There was a change in thefamily relationship.

I wondered if this would demonstrate with grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Bennett had two grandchildren and two great grandchildren.
For the older grandchild, the eclipse was on her natal IC. The eclipseof 7/11/91 was 18:59 Cancer. Her natal IC is 18:18 Cancer.

For the younger grandchild, the eclipse of 8/17/89 at 24:12 Aquariuswas on his MC (25:51 Aquarius).

For the older great grandchild, the eclipse of 3/29/87 at (8:18Aries) was on her progressed IC (4:49 Aries). She had a yod. Declinationantiscia Jupiter (6:02 Virgo) sextiles natal Pluto (7:09 Scorpio) andboth quincunx natal No. Node of the Moon (7:23 Aries). Pluto signifies death.

For the younger great grandchild, the eclipse of 12/21/91 (29:08Gemini) was on his progressed MC 28:02 Gemini. He also had a yod withnatal IC (25:51 Leo) at the apex of a yod, quincunx the declinationantiscia1 Mercury (24:41 Capricorn) sextile to declination antiscia Venus(25:48 Pisces). Mercury rules the Gemini ascendant, which signifies thegrandparent. There was a solar eclipse (25:20 Capricorn) on 1/15/91 onMercury.

Planets form parallel aspects when they share the same degree ofdeclination north or south of the celestial equator. A declinationequivalent planet, is when the planet’s degree of latitude above orbelow the celestial horizon is converted into a degree of longitude alongthe ecliptic. This also applies to a declination antiscia planet.Computer software will do this for us.

All of the charts were configured by solar arc secondary progressionto 6/21/92, the date of Bennett’s death. All of the charts had aneclipse prior to the date of death. The eclipse may occur even five orsix years before the death.

Yod Astrology

When you think of all the aspects and degrees of the planets and howthey correlate to life events, you have to marvel at the wisdom of theCreator of the Universe and to love astrology.

1Christen, Gary Important Points in a Chart, Essentials ofIntermediate Astrology, 1995 USA by NCGR, Inc. Antiscia p.107

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Chart data and sources:
Bennett Peterson, October 28, 1905 9:49 PM, time zone06:00(CST) Minneapolis, Minnesota (93W18’06”; 44N59’48”) time from drop of blood. Ascendant 22:18 Cancer.
Daughter, May 26, 1940 11:02 PM, time zone 06:00 (CST), Minneapolis, Minnesota (93W18’06”; 44N59’48) frombirth certificate; (Ascendant 21:36 Capricorn)
Oldest Son, June 07, 1943 2:12 AM, time zone 05:00 (CWT) Minneapolis, Minnesota (93W18’06”;44N59’48”) from birth certificate; (Ascendant, 29:04Pisces)
Younger Son, March 04, 1947, 2:28 AM, time zone 08:00 (PST) Santa Monica, California, (118W29’12”;34N01’30”) from birth certificate. (Ascendant 02:37Capricorn)
Marguerite dar Boggia, January 1, 1923,02:03’32” AM, time zone 05:00 (EST) New York City, NY,(73W59’30”; 40N45) from Mother for 2 AM, then rectified to2:03:30 AM. Ascendant 3 Scorpio
Granddaughter, March 26, 1962, 6:58 AM, time zone08:00 (PST) Glendale, California (118W15’18”;34N09’54”) from birth certificate. Ascendant 29:45 Aries.
Grandson, November 6, 1964 6:41 PM, Van Nuys, California, time zone 08:00 (PST) (118W28’12”;34N10’36”) from birth certificate. Ascendant 15:49 Gemini.
Older Great Granddaughter, July 10, 1987, 5:43 PM,Santa Paula, California, time zone 07:00 (PDT) (119W04’;34N21’) from birth certificate. Ascendant 14:52 Sagittarius.
Great Grandson, July 09, 1989 11:30 AM, Santa Maria, California, time zone 07:00 (PDT) (120W23’30”;34N55’06”) from birth certificate. Ascendant 25:38Virgo.

Image sources:
Yod: Richard Vetter, AstroWiki
Eclipses: CC0 Creative Commons license, via pixabay.com


Marguerite dar Boggia formerly served as Membership Secretary for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She was past Secretary and Director of ISAR and Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She was a co-founder of UAC and itspast Secretary and Director. She can be contacted at her website whichshe created at the age of 90: www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com

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© Marguerite dar Boggia, 2017