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Excerpt from Autobiography of a Yogi
(Chapter 43: The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar)

The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar

Sitting on my bed in the Bombay hotel at three o'clock in the afternoon of June 19, 1936—one week after the vision of Krishna — I was roused from my meditation by a beatific light. Before my open and astonished eyes, the whole room was transformed into a strange world, the sunlight transmuted into supernal splendor.

By Paramhansa Yogananda Astrology is a very deep subject, but most people consider it a kind of superstitious guide to material progress. If you use astrology only for guidance in material matters, you will be doing its teachings an injustice. In Astrology, Free Will, Destiny and Fate, Hinduism, Paramahansa Yogananda Superstition means to seek guidance from effects, in ignorance of their causes. Many people look to the heavens for signs instead of choosing the wiser path of seeking guidance in their souls, from God. Paramahansa Yogananda Birth Chart/ Kundli/ Birth Horoscope. A birth chart (also known as kundli, janma kundali, or horoscope) is a map of heaven at the time of birth. Paramahansa Yogananda's birth chart will show you Paramahansa Yogananda's planetary positions, dasa, rasi chart, and zodiac sign etc. It will also allow you to open Paramahansa Yogananda's detailed horoscope in 'AstroSage Cloud' for research. Perhaps the most famous published story of a Astrological Gemstone recommendation according to the astrological chart appears in Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramanhansa Yogananda. In the chapter entitled, 'Outwitting the Stars,' Yogananda's Guru, Sri Yukteswar, suggests that Yogananda acquire an astrological armlet.

Waves of rapture engulfed me as I beheld the flesh and blood form of Sri Yukteswar!

'My son!' Master spoke tenderly, on his face an angel-bewitching smile.

For the first time in my life I did not kneel at his feet in greeting, but instantly advanced to gather him hungrily in my arms. Moment of moments! The anguish of past months was toll I counted weightless against the torrential bliss now descending.

'Master mine, beloved of my heart, why did you leave me?' I was incoherent in an excess of joy. 'Why did you let me go to the Kumbha Mela? How bitterly have I blamed myself for leaving you!'

'I did not want to interfere with your happy anticipation of seeing the pilgrimage spot where first I met Babaji. I left you only for a little while; am I not with you again?'

'But is it you, Master, the same Lion of God? Are you wearing a body like the one I buried beneath the cruel Puri sands?'

'Yes, my child, I am the same. This is a flesh and blood body. Though I see it as ethereal, to your sight it is physical. From cosmic atoms I created an entirely new body, exactly like that cosmic-dream physical body which you laid beneath the dream-sands at Puri in your dream-world. I am in truth resurrected—not on earth but on an astral planet. Its inhabit-ants are better able than earthly humanity to meet my lofty standards. There you and your exalted loved ones shall some-day come to be with me.'

'Deathless guru, tell me more!'

Master gave a quick, mirthful chuckle. 'Please, dear one,' he said, 'won't you relax your hold a little?'

'Only a little!' I had been embracing him with an octopus grip. I could detect the same faint, fragrant, natural odor that had been characteristic of his body before. The thrilling touch of his divine flesh still persists around the inner sides of my arms and in my palms whenever I recall those glorious hours.

'Illumined Astral Planet' — Hiranyaloka

'As prophets are sent on earth to help men work out their physical karma, so I have been directed by God to serve on an astral planet as a savior,' Sri Yukteswar explained. 'It is called Hiranyaloka or 'Illumined Astral Planet.' There I am aiding advanced beings to rid themselves of astral karma and thus attain liberation from astral rebirths. The dwellers on Hiranyaloka are highly developed spiritually; all of them had acquired, in their last earth-incarnation, the meditation-given power of consciously leaving their physical bodies at death. No one can enter Hiranyaloka unless he has passed on earth beyond the state of sabikalpa samadhi into the higher state of nirbikalpa samadhi. *

* In sabikalpa samadhi the devotee has attained realization of his oneness with Spirit but cannot maintain his cosmic consciousness except in the immobile trance state. By continuous meditation he reaches the superior state of nirbikalpa samadhi, in which he may move freely in the world without any loss of God-perception. In nirbikalpa samadhi the yogi dissolves the last vestiges of his material or earthly karma. Nevertheless, he may still have certain astral and causal karma to work out, and therefore takes astral and then causal re-embodiments on high-vibrational spheres.


'Hiranyaloka inhabitants have already passed through the ordinary astral spheres, where nearly all beings from earth must go at death; there they destroyed many seeds of karma connected with their past actions in astral worlds. None but advanced devotees can perform such redemptive work effectively in the astral spheres.* [Because most persons, enjoying the beauty of the astral worlds, do not see any necessity for strenuous spiritual effort.] Then, in order to free their souls fully from all traces of astral karma, these aspirants were drawn by cosmic law to be reborn in new astral bodies on Hiranyaloka, the astral sun or heaven, where I am present to help them. There are also nearly perfect beings on Hiranyaloka who have come from the superior causal world.'

My mind was now in such perfect attunement with my guru's that he was conveying his word-pictures to me partly by speech and partly by thought transference. I was thus quickly receiving his idea-tabloids. Where is pluto in astrology now.

The Astral World

God encased
the human soul in three bodies—
the idea, or causal, body;
the subtle astral body, and
the gross physical body

'You have read in the scriptures,' Master went on, 'that God encased the human soul successively in three bodies— the idea, or causal, body; the subtle astral body, seat of man's mental and emotional natures; and the gross physical body. On earth a man is equipped with his physical senses. An astral being works with his consciousness and feelings and a body made of Lifetrons.* A causal-bodied being remains in the blissful realm of ideas. My work is with those astral beings who are preparing to enter the causal world.' *

* Sri Yukteswar used the word prana; I have translated it as lifetrons. The Hindu scriptures refer not only to the anu, 'atom,' and to the paramanu, 'beyond the atom,' finer electronic energies, but also to prana, 'creative lifetronic force.' Atoms and electrons are blind forces; prana is inherently intelligent. The pranic lifetrons in the spermatozoa and ova, for instance, guide the development of the embryo according to a karmic design.

'Adorable Master, please tell me more about the astral cosmos.' Though I had slightly relaxed my embrace at Sri Yukteswar's request, my arms were still around him. Treasure beyond all treasures, my guru who had laughed at death to reach me!

'There are many astral planets, teeming with astral beings,' Master began. 'The inhabitants use astral planes, or masses of light, to travel from one planet to another, faster than electricity and radioactive energies.

'The astral universe, made of various subtle vibrations of light and color, is hundreds of times larger than the material cosmos. The entire physical creation hangs like a little solid basket under the huge luminous balloon of the astral sphere. Just as many physical suns and stars roam in space, so there are also countless astral solar and stellar systems. Their planets have astral suns and moons, more beautiful than the physical ones. The astral luminaries resemble the aurora borealis—the sunny astral aurora being more dazzling than the mild-rayed moon-aurora. The astral day and night are longer than those of earth.
'The astral world is infinitely beautiful, clean, pure, and orderly. There are no dead planets or barren lands. The terrestrial blemishes — weeds, bacteria, insects, snakes — are absent. Unlike the variable climates and seasons of the earth, the astral planets maintain the even temperature of an eternal spring, with occasional luminous white snow and rain of many-colored lights. Astral planets abound in opal lakes and bright seas and rainbow rivers.

'The ordinary astral universe — not the subtler astral heaven of Hiranyaloka—is peopled with millions of astral beings who have come, more or less recently, from the earth, and also with myriads of fairies, mermaids, fishes, animals, goblins, gnomes, demigods and spirits, all residing on different astral planets in accordance with karmic qualifications. Various spheric mansions or vibratory regions are provided for good and evil spirits. Good ones can travel freely, but the evil spirits are confined to limited zones. In the same way that human beings live on the surface of the earth, worms inside the soil, fish in water, and birds in air, so astral beings of different grades are assigned to suitable vibratory quarters.

'Among the fallen dark angels, expelled from other worlds, friction and war take place with lifetronic bombs or mental mantric* vibratory rays. These beings dwell in the gloom-drenched regions of the lower astral cosmos, working out their evil karma.*

* Chanted seed-sounds discharged by the mental gun of concentration.

'In the vast realms above the dark astral prison, all is shining and beautiful. The astral cosmos is more naturally attuned than the earth to the divine will and plan of perfection. Every astral object is manifested primarily by the will of God, and partially by the will-call of astral beings. They possess the power of modifying or enhancing the grace and form of anything already created by the Lord. He has given His astral children the freedom and privilege of changing or improving at will the astral cosmos. On earth a solid must be transformed into liquid or other form through natural or chemical processes, but astral solids are changed into astral liquids, gases, or energy solely and instantly by the will of the inhabitants.


'The earth is dark with warfare and murder in the sea, land, and air,' my guru continued, 'but the astral realms know a happy harmony and equality. Astral beings dematerialize or materialize their forms at will. Flowers or fish or animals can metamorphose themselves, for a time, into astral men. All astral beings are free to assume any form, and can easily commune together. No fixed, definite, natural law hems them round—any astral tree, for example, can be successfully asked to produce an astral mango or other desired fruit, flower, or indeed any other object. Certain karmic restrictions are present, but there are no distinctions in the astral world about desirability of various forms. Everything is vibrant with God's creative light.

'No one is born of woman; offspring are materialized by astral beings through the help of their cosmic will into specially patterned, astrally condensed forms. The recently physically disembodied being arrives in an astral family through invitation, drawn by similar mental and spiritual tendencies.

Yogananda on astrology signs

The Astral Body

'The astral body is not subject to cold or heat or other natural conditions. The anatomy includes an astral brain, or the thousand-petaled lotus of light, and six awakened centers in the sushumna, or astral cerebrospinal axis. The heart draws cosmic energy as well as light from the astral brain, and pumps it to the astral nerves and body cells, or lifetrons. Astral beings are able to effect changes in their forms by lifetronic force and by holy mantric vibrations.

'In most cases the astral body is an exact counterpart of the last physical form. The face and figure of an astral person resemble those of his youth in his previous earthly sojourn. Occasionally someone, like myself, chooses to retain his old-age appearance.' Master, emanating the very essence of youth, chuckled merrily.

'Unlike the spacial, three-dimensional physical world cognized only by the five senses, the astral spheres are visible to the all-inclusive sixth sense—intuition,' Sri Yukteswar went on. 'By sheer intuitional feeling, all astral beings see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. They possess three eyes, two of which are partly closed. The third and chief astral eye, vertically placed on the forehead, is open. Astral beings have all the outer sensory organs—ears, eyes, nose, tongue, and skin—but they employ the intuitional sense to experience sensations through any part of the body; they can see through the ear, or nose, or skin. They are able to hear through the eyes or tongue, and can taste through the ears or skin, and so forth.


'Man's physical body is exposed to countless dangers, and is easily hurt or maimed; the ethereal astral body may occasionally be cut or bruised but is healed at once by mere willing.'

'Gurudeva, are all astral persons beautiful?'

'Beauty in the astral world is known to be a spiritual quality, and not an outward conformation,' Sri Yukteswar replied. 'Astral beings therefore attach little importance to facial features. They have the privilege, however, of costuming themselves at will with new, colorful, astrally materialized bodies. Just as worldly men don new array for gala events, so astral beings find occasions to bedeck themselves in specially designed forms.

Paramahansa Yogananda
natal chart (Placidus)
natal chart English style (Equal houses)
natal chart with Whole Sign houses
Yogananda, ParamahansaGender: M
Mukunda Lal Ghosh
born on5 January 1893 at 20:59 (= 8:59 PM )
PlaceGorakhpur, India, 26n45, 83e22
TimezoneLST m80e15 (is standard time)
Data source
Accuracy in question
Rodden RatingC
Collector: Rodden
Astrology data15°36'25°55Asc.06°15'

Paramahansa Yogananda (1920)

Yogananda On Astrology


East Indian author, mystic and founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship. World traveled and a world teacher, he carried Eastern philosophy to the West.

He was born Mukunda Lal Ghosh to a devout and well-to-do Bengali family. During childhood, Yogananda had vivid memories of being a yogi during previous lifetimes in the Himalayas. A spiritually precocious child, he was encouraged toward the religious calling by his mother, and he met many holy men and yogis who aided him along his path.

In 1910, at age 17, he met the revered Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, whom he had often seen during his meditations, and the recognition, joy, and empathy between Master and disciple was immediate and joyful. He completed his studies at Calcutta University while being taught spiritual discipline by his guru for close to a decade, in the Indian tradition. In 1915, he took formal vows as a monk of India's venerable monastic Swami Order, at which time he received the name Yogananda.

A natural born teacher, in 1917, he founded a 'how-to-live' school for boys, where modern educational methods were combined with yoga training and instruction in spiritual ideals. His curriculum was always more concerned with developing the whole individual rather than only the intellect. He joked that having renounced the life of a family man, he ended up with even more children than he might have fathered.

In 1920, he was invited to serve as India's delegate to an international congress of religious leaders convening in Boston. His address to the congress, on 'The Science of Religion,' was enthusiastically received. When Yogananda arrived in America on 9/20/1920, the 'New World' was ready to receive the advanced teachings that had previously been reserved for monastics and chelas in ashrams. Science, literacy, communication, and new spiritual insights had just begun breaking down the dark ages of theology and dogma. He founded his fellowship to disseminate worldwide his teachings on India's ancient science and philosophy of Yoga and its time-honored tradition of meditation, introducing the Bhagavad Gita and other scriptures to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

Yogananda lectured and taught on the East coast of American for several years and in 1924 began a speaking tour across the country. His lectures, in which he spoke of the underlying unity of the world's great religions, were attended by thousands drawn to his message. His personal students were taught the ancient soul-awakening techniques of Kriya Yoga. Prominent figures in science, business and the arts came to him, and he was received in the White House by President Coolidge.

Yogananda’s articulate and sincere introduction to the disciplines of the East opened the door for many other Indian teachers and gurus, as a serious interest in yoga and meditation made great inroads in the West. His main mission was to build a lasting bridge of World Brotherhood based on raising the spiritual awareness between the East and West.

In 1925, he established an international headquarters for Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles. His writing began to increase in the ‘30s, including a series of lessons for home study. In 1935, Yogananda toured Europe for six months and India for a year, meeting Mahatma Gandhi and other renowned spiritual figures. At this time his own guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar, bestowed on him India's highest spiritual title, Paramahansa (supreme swan).

A lifelong celibate and mystic, Yogananda wrote that he burned the prophesies about his life written down by the family's astrologer because he did not want to be controlled by its prediction of marrying three times. Though his family pressed him to marry, his determination to follow the spiritual path was resolute. He did not accept deterministic astrology but pointed out that the most difficult times give rise to the greatest achievements.

His life story, 'Autobiography of a Yogi' was published in 1946 and expanded by him in subsequent editions. A perennial best seller, the book has been in continuous publication since it first appeared and has been translated into 18 languages. It is widely regarded as a modern spiritual classic.

On 7 March 1952, Paramahansa Yogananda died during a banquet after concluding a speech in Los Angeles, CA.


  • Death of Mother 1904 (Mother died)
  • Relationship : Meet a significant person 1910 (Met his guru)
  • Social : End a program of study 1915 (Graduated university)
  • Misc. : Mystical Experience July 1915 (Initiated by guru)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Work : Begin Major Project 1917 (Founded boy's school)
  • Family : Change residence 20 August 1920 (Arrived in America)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Work : Gain social status 6 October 1920 (Lecture at Boston Religious conference)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Social : Joined group September 1925 (Established SRI in California)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Social : Begin Travel 9 June 1935 (Departed for Europe)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Death of Significant person 9 March 1936 (Guru died)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Misc. : Mystical Experience 19 June 1936 (Tour of astral plane)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Death of Father 1942 (Dad died)
  • Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released December 1945 (Publish autobiography)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.
  • Death, Cause unspecified 7 March 1952 (Age 59)
    chart PlacidusEqual_H.

Source Notes

Mercury Hour, 7/1976, quotes his ashram, the Self Realization Institute.

(Gorakhpur is on Madras time. As it is 3 degrees 7 min east of Madras, the correction of Gorakhpur to Madras is 12 min 28 sec plus, making the time 20:50 LMT. If the LMT correction had already been made, the original Madras time would have been 20:26 LMT. We are perhaps safest in assuming that the time as given is LMT.)

23 Jan 2021: ADB uses Madras time automatically in a correct way. Adaptation of birth time no longer needed.


  • Traits : Mind : Memory (Recalled prior lives)
  • Traits : Personality : Articulate
Yogananda On Astrology
  • Traits : Personality : Charismatic

Yogananda Teachings - The School Of Evolutionary Astrology

  • Traits : Personality : Disciplined
  • Family : Childhood : Family noted (Family generated business)
  • Family : Childhood : Family extraordinarily supportive (Encouraged by mom)
  • Family : Relationship : Married late/never (Never)
  • Family : Parenting : Kids none
  • Passions : Sexuality : Celibacy/ Minimal (Lifelong celibate)
  • Personal : Religion/Spirituality : Meditation
  • Personal : Religion/Spirituality : Mystical experience
  • Personal : Death : Unusual (Body did not decay)
  • Vocation : Business : CPA/ Auditor/ Accountant (Accountant)
  • Vocation : Business : Top executive (CEO)
  • Vocation : Education : Administrator (Founded schools)
  • Vocation : Education : Public speaker (Lecturer, immensely popular)
  • Vocation : Education : Teacher (Took students, wrote study course)
  • Vocation : Religion : Ecclesiastics/ eastern (Hindu Yogi)
  • Vocation : Religion : Spiritual Leader/ Guru (Guru and boddisatva)
  • Vocation : Writers : Autobiographer
  • Notable : Extraordinary Talents : For Meritorious achievement
  • Notable : Famous : Founder/ originator (Founder of SRM)
  • Notable : Famous : Top 5% of Profession
  • Notable : Book Collection : American Book
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