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Yogini Yoga in Astrology What is yogini yoga? Yogini yoga is a mystical yoga formed when Jupiter and Ketu combined in a house in a horoscope. List of Vedic astrology Classics. In: Manual Google Adds2, Single-pages Tags: Print Email. Yogini Jatakam Yoga Nadi. Back to Astro Classics.

Beginning 11/23 – 11/30, 2010 the North Node of the Moon (Rahu in Jyotish) will be in a conjunction with Pluto at 4 degrees of Capricorn.

(Pluto is not recognized in classical vedic astrology.)

For those of you who are comfortable with the concept of reincarnation and the wheel of karma this time period is an important one. Karmic forces are in control. Not us. Period. Om shanti, peace.

The lunar nodes can be interpreted in a variety of ways. One perspective is to see them as significators for your personal relationships. The north node might represent those who take you forward into uncharted territory. The south node, on the other hand, might represent those in your life who are less challenging and more comfortable to have around. A piece of data like that can make all the difference between the struggle and/or the peace.

Yogini yoga in vedic astrology vedic

Another way to look at the lunar nodes, in a more spiritual way perhaps, would be to see the south node as the karma you face from your past lives. The north node would be more representative of the dharma, or purpose of this life…thereby creating new karma for your future lives. Do you see the wheel turning?

When we add the influence of Pluto to the lunar nodes the impact becomes Absolutely Transformational. Vedic compatibility calculator.

Yoga Therapists: Deep Process experiences can be both agitating and therapeutic during this time. Remember to be mindful of your own boundaries and deep issues and do not project your stuff onto your students. Om shanti.

Yogini Yoga In Vedic Astrology Vedic

Vedic astrology is the original astrology from ancient India used by the Yogis to guide students on their spiritual path and to help fulfill their destiny in the outer world. It is different from Western astrology, although the planets and signs are the same, and it often gives more accurate results for those on a path of yoga and spirituality. It is especially helpful in anticipating and working with the cosmic cycles of change that occur regularly throughout our lives. When combined with the techniques of yoga and meditation, Vedic astrology reveals our destiny and how we can realize it.