Zircon Stone Benefits In Astrology

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Why to wear zircon stone

White Zircon Stones

Depending on the colour, the stone can energise the psychic abilities of the wearer. So, the Blue Zircon stone benefits will be different from the White Zircon stone benefits. Zircon Stone Benefits. The powerful stone acts as a Suraksha Kavach by providing protective energy around the wearer. Helps to deal with marital problems. Advantages – On wearing zircon, one can have the following benefits: Provides wisdom, honour and riches. Prevents nightmares and ensures a deep tranquil sleep. Helps the individual to get a peaceful state of being. Loss of stone's lustre warns of an impending danger.

Zircon Stone Benefits In Astrology Relationship

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, gold and silver are metals and stones which have always been considered auspicious especially but it all depends upon your raashee or sun sign. Astrologer Ridhi Bahl gave some insight on what is good for whom and the more affordable alternatives that are beneficial in an exclusive chat during HZ Anniversary webinar. So scroll down to know what she suggested and get yourself something of that material or dig out what you possess and reap their benefits in sync with astrology.

Ridhi Bahl shared that it would be good if you can wear gold and diamonds but these other affordable metals are equally effective in nature and have many benefits.

She said: 'Venus ruled signs like libra and Taurus, for them shining stones like diamonds or their alternatives like zircons are beneficial. Speaking of lucky metals or beneficial metals, Jupiter ruled signs like Sagittarius and Pisces, gold is very good for them. Silver is another metal that represents the moon. Cancerians should wear silver jewellery or objects made from the same metal. When we talk of metals, we should not just think jewellery. We should also consider glasses and such utensils.

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For those who cannot afford gold and diamonds, Ridhi Bahl suggests zircons and copper.

She shared that 'lucky stones in general vary from sign to sign but diamonds can be replaced by zircons or crystals. These will be equally beneficial. For gold, it can be replaced by copper. And copper is beneficial for your health as well. Astrology course pdf. It all depends on how you use them. It affects our thinking and health as well.'

Zircon Stone Jewelry

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Benefits of Zircon

  • Zircon is a very easily available and affordable stone that is similar to a diamond even as per astrology. It has a number of benefits that will leave you baffled.
  • Good for meditation.
  • It makes dreams and visions come true.
  • Helps in balancing emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of a being.
  • Helps women in getting along with other women.
  • Brings prosperity to the family of the person who wears it.
  • Helps in curing muscle problems and dizziness.

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  • Is meant to be good in solving diseases related to the reproductive system.
  • Enhances your memory.
  • Brings peace to the heart.
  • It is said to be good for pregnant women.
  • This stone is good for those who suffer from allergies or have asthma.
  • Zircon is said to have abilities that help in taking away all the negativity and the feelings of deception from the mind of the person who wears it.

Who Should Wear Zircon Gemstone

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